Jessica Chastain uses this calming wall color to bring 'a dose of grown-up sophistication' to her living room

Rich green transforms the Interstellar actor's living room into a moody yet eternally stylish entertaining space

Jessica Chastain
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If there has to be one color that can serve as a unionizing force between neutral homeowners and vibrant maximalists, it would be green. Adored by both parties, green is seen over and over again throughout interior trends, and 2024 is no different.

Interstellar and Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain recently posted a video of her magnificent, high-ceilinged living room to her Instagram page, and we couldn't help but admire the green-painted walls. 

Though there is lots to appreciate, from the luxurious crystal chandelier to the antique-inspired gold wall sconces; the rich, olive green walls are what really stand out and contrast beautifully against the wood details. And, while we can't all have a space as opulent, it is possible to decorate with green in a way that's just as magnificent as Chastain's.

Green is incredibly versatile in the home, but when it comes time to choose a paint color, experts recommend opting for a shade based on a room's location.

'Light greens are a great choice for north-facing rooms because of their warm undertones, and are super adaptable, calming, and reliably pair with both dark and neutral colors to create the perfect room combo,' COAT Paints co-founders Rob Abrahams and Rob Green explain. 

'You could also layer lighter greens with other neutrals and natural textures such as pale wood and linens to create a really restful, Japandi-style space.'

Rob Abrahams and Rob Green

Rob Abrahams and Rob Green are the co-founders of COAT Paints, a line of environmentally-friendly paints.

For those who prefer a darker shade like Chastain's, Abrahams and Green recommend strategically pairing a rich hue with natural design elements.

'With its ability to inject an instant dose of grown-up sophistication, dark green is huge right now,' the co-founders state. 'Combine dark greens with furniture in walnut or teak along with brass accents for a cool, gentleman's club vibe.' 

With the wooden architectural assets and, of course, the aforementioned chandelier, Chastain's space perfectly exhibits this aesthetic. However, with this hue, we can replicate a similar glamor far beyond her New York City abode. 

Dark green living room with red accent chairs

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Not only do these shades create a moody ambiance, but they can enhance the size of a room significantly.

'Dark greens are also a great choice for smaller spaces, such as a narrow hallway or small bedroom,' Abrahams and Green note. 'It may sound crazy to choose a darker shade for a small space, but it's a great way to embrace the coziness – try painting the walls, skirting boards, and ceilings in one deep shade to soften the edges of the room to make it appear bigger than it is.'

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