Johnny Galecki's guest bedroom features a surprising color pairing that will set a new trend for 2025

Conjuring scenes of romantic flower-filled country gardens, this natural color pairing can be used to create myriad interior looks, from classic English country style to Far-Eastern glamor

Johnny Galecki
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You only have to scroll two inches deep on Pinterest to realize pink and green is the dream color duo for all things interiors. It is not the most obvious pairing, seeing as the brash clash can be somewhat intimidating, but believe us when we say this one is worth a go. 

As in nature, shades of green sit easily with other colors and lend any space a calming tranquil feel. Partner it with soft, soothing pink and you have a dream combination that's perfect for rooms where you want to relax and create a mellow, calming atmosphere. The secret lies in getting your hues right: think warm, deep pink with a muddy, olive, or sage green. This might explain why interior design firm Pierce & Ward has used this bedroom color combination in actor Johnny Galecki's guest bedroom.

Imbued with the timeless beauty of the natural world, myriad greens make a soothing bedroom scheme when tempered with accents of warm pink.

Green is in general a calming and relaxing color for a guest bedroom. Being the color that represents nature, it’s one that makes us feel good and positive. ‘The poet and philosopher Goethe used to describe green as a useful color, a good color to have around,’ explains Francesca Wezel, founder of Francesca’s Paints. ‘Dark green is often used in traditional gentlemen’s clubs and libraries, goes well with wood and is a color that stimulates concentration and deep thinking.’ When it comes to choosing color combinations for rooms, Francesca adds, look to nature for inspiration. ‘Green looks marvelous with pink and pink-hued browns,' she adds.

‘Green and pink is one of our favorite combinations as it can work on so many levels,’ says Lucy Barlow, creative director of Barlow & Barlow. ‘You can use a strong emerald with a bubble gum pink, but you can also use a plaster pink mixed with a sludgy olive green to create a more sophisticated space.’ 

There is an exciting duality to this grown-up color pairing – it's soft, delicate yet strong and composed. The upshot is a calm, cocooning shade that's excellent for bedrooms, and indeed any room where you want a serene feel.

In Johnny Galecki's home, pattern also plays an important role in how these two colors are received. Be brave and clash stripes with florals, as Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward have done so here. Evocative of summer gardens, with joyful scenes of roses and peonies peppered against verdant foliage, floral prints are inextricably linked with a pink and green palette. They are guaranteed to bring a romantic feel to any space. Meanwhile, the stripes bring order and structure to a space and have the ability to redirect the eye upwards to the extraordinary bedroom ceiling.

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