Jon Batiste uses this Farrow & Ball shade on his cabinets – for a refined twist on an ever-fashionable hue

The musician pays homage to an antique-inspired palette that creates a soft ambiance in the busiest room of his home

Jon Batiste
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Jon Batiste wasn't technically involved with the Barbie soundtrack – but the award-winning composer has taken on one of the film's biggest trends within the walls of his home.

Designer Hallie Goodman posted a photo of Jon and partner Suleika Jaouad Batiste's kitchen, which is painted a soft hue of salmon pink. 'The pink kitchen cabinets (Farrow & Ball's Setting Plaster) evoke the color of antique plasters in a way that conjures New Orleans – which Jon understood intuitively,' she captioned the image.

Pink has been on everyone's lips (and walls) since last summer, but for those used to soft neutrals and lack of color in the home, it can feel like a big step to think pink. The idea is to ease in rather than dive headfirst – according to designers, subtlety is an option.

'If you fancy getting on board but think you're paler pink rather than something more fuchsia, look at shades that are soft ballet dress in color,' says interior designer Benji Lewis. Experts also say that pink is in fact the new black, in that it's just as versatile as any traditional home color.

Benji Lewis
Benji Lewis

Benji Lewis is a well-established UK-based interior designer. His career started at the KLC School of Interior Design after which he headed to Bonhams Auctioneers where he stayed for two years. This move inspired a huge interest in the world of period furniture and furnishings.

'What was once a polarizing color amid a societal conversation about traditional gender roles, shades of pink have emerged as popular colors,' says Amber Shay, design director at Meritage Homes. 'A beige pink tone typically evokes comfort and warmth, which appeals to today's buyers who are spending more time at home. Beige pink is also a neutral color, with more personality and versatility than a traditional beige tone.'

Amber Shay

Amber Shay is the National VP of Design Studios at Meritage Homes, a real estate and construction company based in the United States.

Room painted in Farrow & Ball setting plaster

Cabinets painted in Farrow & Ball setting plaster

(Image credit: Samantha Todhunter)

While pink is often associated with youth and femininity, it can also fit into other more mature trends and rooms.

'Pink will always have a place in specific interior design styles such as traditional, beachy, eclectic, boho, and more, and I see it as having staying power as an accent color,' Amber says. 'I expect to see people using colors, like pink, in unexpected ways throughout their homes, like creating a statement island in the kitchen.'

For extra pizzazz, Benji recommends opting to accent the kitchen with other mood-boosting hues,

'For a brighter feel, look at lighter shades of pink and use that with lemon yellow, pistachio, and duck-egg blue,' he says.

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