Jon Bon Jovi's old money cabinets bring a sense of tradition to his kitchen – and designers love the 'more is more' look

The singer utilizes cabinets that are as practical as they are pretty – here's what we can learn from his 'old school' aesthetic

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The subject of color is often the first thing we discuss when talking about kitchen cabinets, but Jon Bon Jovi has reminded us why our chosen materials are just as impactful.

In his white kitchen, the singer has opted for glass-fronted cabinets that are praised by designers for their 'old money' aesthetic but there's more to them than their good looks. As experts explain, glass kitchen cabinets are simultaneously practical and personal (as they showcase some of our favorite possessions and kitchen must-haves). They're also a reminder of a (somewhat) controversial decorating ideology: more is more, as designers explain.

'More is more, seems fitting when discussing those of us who love glass front cabinets,' comments Cyndy Cantley of Cantley & Company. While Bon Jovi's cabinet shelves are organized and, in some ways, even minimal, the glass fronting allows some of his crockery to take center stage in his space.

'Not only is it practical to be able to see everything and use it more efficiently, but it is pretty,' Cantley comments.

'People are under the impression that it is hard to keep glass cabinets neat. However, China is typically stacked, and when unloading the dishwasher, it is easy to put things back in their appropriate stack. This also makes it easy for guests to find what they are looking for while they're in your kitchen.'

Bon Jovi has paired his glass-fronted cabinets with a white wooden backsplash, and a cedar-hued counertop that further emphasize room's the tradtional, old money aesthetic. However, there are also ways to bring this feature in a modern kitchen if we so wish. The key for the latter is to go with frosted or ribbed glass doors (for a contempaory, stylish effect).

'The aesthetic of glass fronted cabinets can be both old school with traditional glass mullion or clean and contemporary with frosted or ribbed glass doors,' Cantley says. 'I always encourage my clients to use their China, crystal and silver daily because seriously, what are we saving it for?'

white kitchen with glass cabinets

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As mentioned, Bon Jovi keeps things minimalist with his curated collection of cutlery, but we can also use these cabinets to showcase some of our most personal possessions. We've also seen the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Gordon Ramsay exhibit similar-style cabinets in their kitchens, showcasing their favorite pieces to everyone who passes through their kitchen.

For fresh, filled shelves, we're investing in these essentials that will work in every kitchen.

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