Jon Bon Jovi's living room is 'sophisticated yet homey' thanks to this century-old decorating technique

Wood walls warm up rock star Jon Bon Jovi's space – and it's a look that's stood the test of time for a reason

Jon Bon Jovi
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Certain materials are instant classics in the home, and it's safe to say that wood is one of them. Durable and versatile, it is seen in homes everywhere, from accents and picture frames to floorboards and ceiling beams. One use for wood that is a subtle statement is as a solid wall material.

We're taking cues from none other than Livin' on a Prayer singer Bon Jovi for wood wall inspiration. When thinking about living room paneling, we can't help but think of dark or wooden-toned alternatives that have their place in stately homes and history books. However, the New Jersey-born rock star has changed this aesthetic. 

The singer, whose new album Forever is due out in June, recently posted a photo of his minimal, modern living room, and his pale yellow, wood-paneled walls are a serene accompaniment to his white sofa, dark wood floors, and speckled, cream fireplace.

Due to its customizable nature – cover it in paint or leave it au natural – experts say that utilizing wood for walls is a decision with longevity and style. It's served as a decorating technique for centuries before us, but with so many benefits considered, it's easy to see why it continues to stand the test of time. 

'Wood's natural beauty and warmth make it an excellent material for furnishing interior spaces,' says home improvement specialist Joshua Bartlett. 'It's sophisticated yet homey, making for an inviting atmosphere. Wood's classic good looks guarantee it will be a popular material choice for years among homeowners and decorators.'

Not only does wood look beautiful in all variants, but its installation process is relatively effortless in comparison to denser or more delicate materials, like stone or marble.

'Wooden panels have the added benefit of being very easy to set up,' Bartlett says. 'For example, you may save money on professional installation charges by using that toolkit and brushing up on your carpentry abilities. Depending on your needs and aesthetic goals, they can be either freestanding or on a frame.' 

Finally, wood walls can be a cost-effective way to infuse a touch of nature into the home and adhere to current trends like organic modern or Japandi.

'Compared to other wall finishing options, wooden panels are more budget-friendly, Bartlett explains. 'Without breaking the bank, they bring instant improvement to any room. For example, using veneers or complete wood panels may acquire an inviting, natural aesthetic without breaking the bank.'

Joshua Bartlett

Joshua Bartlett has been responsible for the upkeep of several homes, apartments, and rentals. He created I’ll Just Fix It Myself to help others learn alongside him, sharing what he has learned through his decades of successes – and failures – to tackle home improvement.  

Below, find some wood accessories to warm up any living space. 

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