Karen Gillan's bedroom is serving us endless amounts of cozy decor inspiration for fall – experts weigh in

Filled with layered textures and nostalgic decor, Karen Gillan's bedroom looks endlessly cozy

Karen Gillan
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In eager anticipation for fall, we're leaning into all of the cozy interior inspiration we can get. Channeling this cozy essence is the home of actress Karen Gillan, which takes inspiration from a Scottish pub.

Designed by interior design firm Pierce & Ward, every room in the Los Angeles home looks endlessly inviting, featuring farmhouse decor, vintage-inspired furniture, and muted colors. 

But it's the bedroom we're taking a closer look at, inspired by its layered textures and warm hues, which is perfect for fall bedroom decor ideas. 

'Karen Gillan's bedroom design captures the essence of a cozy, welcoming farmhouse retreat. The choice of warm earthy tones, like the soft beige walls and the rustic wooden furniture, instantly gives off that snug feeling,' interior designer Anu Kurup observes. 

Central to any farmhouse decor is the inclusion of natural materials such as wood, as Kurup explains: 'The use of natural materials and textures, like the wooden beams and woven rugs, adds to the rustic charm. These elements are often associated with old-fashioned farmhouses, and they create a sense of history and tradition.'

Anu Kurup
Anu Kurup

Anu Kurup is the interior designer behind Persimmon Design. With a commitment to sustainability, Anu transforms spaces into stunning works of art, creating unique and eco-conscious designs. 

Key to capturing the room's rustic charm is the addition of vintage pieces, which makes the room feel lived in. 'I also appreciate the subtle vintage touches, such as the antique-style bed frame and the weathered-looking bedside tables. These details add character and make the space feel like it's been collected over time,' says Kurup. 

But it's the generous amounts of textures on the bed that give the bedroom its warm and cozy feel, as Kurup observes: 'The soft, layered textiles, like the plaid bedding and fluffy throws, invite you to curl up and relax. The space feels like a haven where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.'

Shop Karen's look

It's the perfect time of year to refresh your bedroom decor with layered textures to create the ultimate cozy look and feel for the colder months ahead. We've picked out some of our favorite bedroom decor pieces for you to shop below. 

We've rounded up lots of other fall decor ideas that will help inspire you across other rooms in the home. 

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