Kate Hudson just proved this simple choice of bathroom tile is far from boring – experts agree

These bathroom tiles may be simple, but experts agree they're a timeless choice

Kate Hudson
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While you may think of the classic subway tile as somewhat of an outdated trend, Kate Hudson has just reminded us of their seemingly everlasting appeal.

A core bathroom trend that certainly had its heyday in decades gone by, this style of bathroom tile can be a stylish choice and according to experts, it's also an incredibly practical choice for homeowners to adopt. 

The award-winning actress posted a snap on Instagram today in recognition of National Vodka Day and her very own vodka brand, in which she poses in a traditional-style bathroom with classic white subway tiles lining the walls.

Kitchen and bath designer John Mazzuca weighs in on the choice of tiles pictured above, explaining: 'The clean, bright appearance of the white tiles provides a pristine backdrop and looks fantastic in a bathroom, while the contrasting black grout accentuates each tile, adding depth and definition to the entire area.'

One of the major pros to subway tiles is that they don't belong to one singular decor style but can work well across many different bathroom ideas, such as more modern and minimalist styles as pictured below in a design by bathroom designer C.P. Hart. 

Bathroom tile expert Leonardo Villalobos agrees, explaining: 'These tiles complement a wide range of design styles, from classic to contemporary. Whether you prefer a vintage, industrial, or minimalist look, white subway tiles can adapt beautifully, serving as a neutral canvas for your other design elements.'

White subway tiles are also an excellent choice to maximize the brightness of a room, which is particularly important if your bathroom is lacking in natural light, as Villalobos states: 'White subway tiles are excellent at brightening up a space. They reflect light effectively, making even small bathrooms appear more spacious and inviting. The clean, crisp look they provide can create a sense of serenity and cleanliness.'

In addition, Villalobos suggests that they are a highly practical choice for the bathroom thanks to their easy-to-clean nature, explaining: 'Subway tiles are a breeze to clean and maintain. Their smooth surface makes wiping off water splashes, soap scum, and dirt a simple task. Regular cleaning keeps your bathroom looking fresh without much effort.'

Leonardo Villalobos

As director of e-commerce at Mosaic Tile Outlet, Leonardo works with designers and architects and is an expert in providing customers with effective solutions for home renovations and tiling projects.

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