Kristin Davis' layered bedding is 'adaptable in style and function,' as well as being on trend for 2024

The actress proves that more is more when it comes to bedding, with layered linens providing comfort and a trendy appearance

Kristin Davis
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For some (like us), styling a bed can be as exciting as styling an outfit. Selecting materials and colors for a duvet is crucial to not only the way a bed looks, but the way it makes us feel. 

Kristin Davis, AKA Sex and the City's Charlotte York, likes a layered bedding look, as evidenced by a recent TikTok. The actor and star of the revival series ...And Just Like That posted a video of herself reading in her bed, complete with several fluffy, white pillows, a matching white duvet, and a chunky, woven blanket placed on top. The assortment of luxury bedding and linens looks, in a word, blissful.

Even for those with an affinity for neutrals, maximalism can manifest through thoughtfully layering linens – and experts say the more is more phenomenon is right on trend.


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'Layers are back,' says General Manager of Design at Sheridan, Joanna Ross. 'We see it in fashion and our homes are also benefitting – layered looks are key. Take a relaxed approach and have fun with contrasting weights, fabrics, and textures.'

A layered look on a bed is definitely visually pleasing, but there's some practicality to this styling, too (particularly for those of us who run hot or cold in the night).

'This trend is also a pragmatic one,' Ross explains. 'As we move between seasons, weather events, lifestyle changes we use combinations of layers to bring comfort, or simply reflect a new mood or season.'

Layering allows for change; pieces can be taken off the bed or placed back on depending on temperature or our body's needs. This goes for materials, as well – opt for heavier materials in bedding like wool or even a heated blanket to retain warmth, and linen or cotton for a cool sleep. Alternatively, try both at once, like Davis has done with her mix of warming and cooling bedding materials.

Modern bedroom with neutral brown and beige color scheme. Layered bedding, wall lamp above beside table.

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Finally, appreciate the nostalgia that layered bedding provides – the process itself of styling a bed can be meditative, and the outcome is always satisfying.

'Bedding solutions are adaptable in style and function,' Ross states. 'In some cases, we see a move back to the way our parents or grandparents may have made the bed, with bed covers and old fashioned blankets and throws again under the spotlight.'

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