Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon's home shows us how the organic modern trend is here to stay for 2024

The organic modern trend continues to reign supreme in the home, with warming woods and serene whites proving to be a perfect match

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon
(Image credit: Photo by Robert Smith/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Modern and minimal living spaces are an undoubtedly timeless trend. Clean lines and soft colors make for a highly customizable and sleek appearance. However, there is one facet that keeps these communal rooms from looking completely sterile: naturally, we are talking about warm woods, AKA the essential element of any organic modern design.

The Closer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Kyra Sedgwick and husband Kevin Bacon (Footloose, Tremors) have executed an organic modern look effortlessly in their home, as seen in a recent collaborative Instagram post. 

In their open-plan kitchen and organic modern living room, we can see a beautiful use of dark, warming wood across the flooring and wall paneling; the natural finish works wonderfully to add a dose of character and coziness to the more modern and minimalist space.

While woods fit into a variety of styles, from modern farmhouse ideas to Japandi decor, design experts say that regardless of any interior changes, woods can always serve as a solid base.

'While styles change, some woods – especially hardwoods like walnut, have such natural appeal to human emotions that there’s no sign of them ever going out of style,' says Josh Kou, from North Castle Hardwoods. 'The most popular wood species among our customers are walnut and white oak. But we love to suggest creative and new ways to use the timeless cathedral pattern of plain sawn red oak, or the cheerful brightness of hard maple.'

Josh Kou
Josh Kou

Josh Kou is a wood expert. Based in Chicago, Josh is a second-generation lumberman, and has toured Japan and other parts of Asia several times to visit furniture factories and learn about their woodworking techniques. His lifelong experience with hardwood means he knows exactly what people need when picking different woods for different projects.

With an abundance of wood selection, Kou recommends picking the natural material based on the preferred style.

'The first step in styling your home around wood is choosing the perfect wood to suit your preferred aesthetic,' he says. 'White oak or ash gives a light, airy feel, while mahogany is gorgeous in a modern, minimalistic home.'

He also notes that it's crucial to consider the grain pattern, color, and texture of the wood to ensure it matches the space well. 'A matte or oil-based finish can look modern and eco-friendly. A glossy finish will help the wood last longer without needing to be refinished.'

For those looking to incorporate wood into their spaces on a more subtle scale, Kou recommends accents as a perfect way to infuse some natural elements into the home.

'Wooden accessories like picture frames, bowls, or small sculptures can add depth and texture to your space, at a lower price than hardwood furniture,' he states. 'Small touches like these can tie a room together and enhance the natural charm of the room, without being the focal point.'

If you're looking to embrace a more minimalist, simple style in your home, but want to ensure the space is still rich with cozy character, the organic modern trend is perfect. As Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon show, wood flooring ideas and wall paneling ideas can triumph in helping a modern space feel warm, inviting and relaxed.

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