Lindsay Lohan's nursery includes this multi-purpose IKEA piece that deserves a place in every kind of bedroom

The IKEA Hemnes daybed is a versatile staple that is suitable for a transitional bed in a toddler's bedroom (and beyond)

Lindsay Lohan
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Nurseries are ever-evolving spaces, and as such, furniture pieces in these spaces are likely to change as children grow. The most obvious culprit is the crib, which requires a transition to a toddler-friendly bed. Although there are plenty of kids' beds on the market, the unassuming day-bed makes an ideal choice – especially if it has built-in storage.

Lindsay Lohan is a proponent of the day-bed-as-toddler-bed trend, having recently posted a photo of her son's nursery on Instagram. The day-bed, decorated with pale blue and white sheets and throws, is likely recognizable to many; it's a staple IKEA piece, beloved for its versatility and economic value (both space- and price-wise).

Known for its compact size and expendable capabilities (it pulls out into a double), the IKEA Hemnes acts as a sofa by day and a cozy bed by night. While its multi-purpose usage might be the main draw, the under-bed storage is a key benefit in making this piece space-efficient.

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The three drawers sitting underneath the slat hold endless storage possibilities, from linens to pajamas. The fact that they so seamlessly blend into the existing furniture have sold us; they have also made us think more about how we can be creative with underbed storage ideas.

When determining how to best utilize under-bed storage, Homes & Gardens' editor, Jennifer Ebert, says that it is important to consider what exactly you will be placing underneath.

'Divan style beds are ideal for those looking to store everyday items underneath their beds, as they allow for easy reach and accessibility,' Ebert states. 'However, if you primarily use under-bed storage as a space for seasonal items, an ottoman style bed would be more suitable so as to avoid taking out and putting away belongings frequently.'

Ebert says that beds with low, built-in storage are particularly beneficial for children's rooms, where toys and books are in constant rotation.

'Clutter is inevitable in kids' rooms; having low-to-the-ground drawers makes for a simple storage solution, where games and clothes that are used daily can be accessed immediately,' she states. 'Just as the day-bed is a multi-purpose piece, the drawers themselves can be used as bookshelves, pajama storage, or a miscellaneous container.'

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