Mark Ronson's kitchen goes back to basics using an 'elegant' formula that designers love

Sleek marble and painted white cabinets are a winning combination that, experts say, will stand the test of time

Mark Ronson
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Mark Ronson may be Barbie-affiliated, but his dream house is definitely not decked out in pink and plastic. The producer behind the 2024 movie's irresistible soundtrack shared a glimpse into his kitchen on his Instagram page, and it turns out his taste in interiors leans more refined and modern. 

Sleek storage is the high point of Mark's kitchen, featuring painted white cabinetry and intricate marble countertops. The white and marble combo is by no means an innovative trend, but it's a lasting one for a reason.

'The enduring appeal of marble kitchen countertops and white cabinetry in a kitchen is rooted in its timeless and classic aesthetic,' says Elizabeth Vergara, owner of Vergara Homes. 'The combination exudes elegance, luxury, and a clean, sophisticated look that has stood the test of time.'

Elizabeth Vergara
Elizabeth Vergara

Elizabeth Vergara is the owner of Vergara Homes, a home renovation company with a passion for bespoke and quality home design. Elizabeth has been helping homeowners as a design-build specialist for the past 13 years and has experience in both construction management and architectural design.

With white and marble being such a widely used design, it's natural to wonder -- will it ever fizzle out? Elizabeth believes the combination is here to stay.

'So often I get asked, 'Do you think this style will go out of style?'' Honestly, I really don't. Perhaps the detailing of the cabinetry or the appliances may change, but the color and material combo is one for the books and seems to surpass time,' she says. 'This is partially due to the fact that the versatility of white and marble allows for easy integration with various styles and color schemes, while the bright and airy feel makes a kitchen appear more spacious.'

Beyond aesthetics, the clean and crisp appearance contributes to a sense of order and cleanliness, and who doesn't aspire to have that perfectly organized kitchen!?

White and marble kitchen with open shelving

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As a matter of fact, marble is actually guaranteed to be a unique material for your kitchen. 

'It is the ultimate bespoke worktop due to no marble slab ever being the same, which in turn also makes it so desirable,' says William Durrant, owner of Herringbone. 'The fact that it will develop a patina over time, giving it a vintage look is part of the appeal of choosing marble. '

William Durrant
William Durrant

William Durrant has worked in the kitchen industry for almost a decade. After learning from powerful kitchen brands, he had a desire to manage all aspects of the design project, so he founded Herringbone Kitchens. He now owns the UK-based kitchen company, where he manages a talented creative team and creates kitchens while observing international design trends. 

William believes that white and marble should be thought of as art in their own right; as such, styling around it should be complementary or even colorful.

'Have fun with styling the space with tiled monochrome floors or even a herringbone wooden floor to lift the space even further and bring in colors through your chosen hardware, handles, floating shelves, and cooker,' he says. 'Range Cookers look great with this combination as you can get colors that tie in with the veins, color, and tones of the marble, matching it up to all work together.'

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