Martha Stewart gave Jimmy Fallon a kitchen essential that 'cooks and looks better' than any other

The World of Martha has long shaped our culinary habits, and it would seem we're in good company

Martha Stewart
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What happened when Jimmy Fallon entered the World of Martha? While it may seem like the lifestyle guru was on Jimmy's turf (she was a guest on The Tonight Show, after all), Martha invited the host to her eponymous world with a ticket in the shape of cookware. 

The World of Martha, the official label of Martha Stewart's product empire, is our go-to for everything we could need for our homes – comprising 'housewares, kitchenwares, gadgets, and all the good stuff you’d need for your home' (she says in her own words). 'That’s what it’s all about,' she shared with Jimmy.

But what's an introduction to The World of Martha without a sample? The gift in question, Martha's Stainless Steel Stock Pot, 'cooks and looks better than any type of cookware' (according to the manufacturers), so, naturally, it's a safe choice. So, how did her choice go down?

Look at this. It comes all wrapped up. You buy this in 'The World of Martha', and I'm going to open it up,' Jimmy comments when he sees the beautifully wrapped package. While the host's reaction is jokingly unenthusiastic, we're almost certain this piece is already a staple in the Fallon household. 

As hinted, this pot is as good-looking as we could hope for cookware, but its aesthetic qualities haven't hindered its practicality. The pot is highly responsive to heat for optimal conductivity and temperature control. From the base to the rim, the combination of copper, stainless steel, and aluminum evenly distributes heat for perfectly cooked, flavourful food – every time. 

Martha's kitchen offerings also include some of the best iron cookware and dinnerware on the market – so of course, we're not stopping with the pot. We're shopping our favorites below.

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