You won't believe Megan Thee Stallion's supersize kitchen storage – proving everything really is bigger in Texas

Megan Thee Stallion shows off the cabinets and open-concept storage in her Houston home – design experts are shocked

megan thee stllion at the 63rd annual grammy awards
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Megan Thee Stallion, or as she calls herself here ‘thee hot girl chef’ took to Instagram to share her recipe for Hot Cheeto elotes (yum!). However, something surprising stood out as much as her spicy corn snack: her massive kitchen cabinets

The Hot Girl Summer rapper lives in Houston, Texas and the size of her kitchen storage is staggering. As she walks us through the recipe, Megan features her large, wall-length built-in cabinets and staggering floor-to-ceiling glass shelving filled with glassware. We consulted interior designers to get their opinions on Megan’s supersized pantry storage, and they had a lot to say.

Kristyn Harvey, San-Diego based interior designer is a big fan of the look. ‘Honestly, I'm on team supersize ANYTHING storage and that definitely applies to pantries,’ Kristyn Jokes. ‘Pantries are not just for storing dried goods anymore but they also allow you to hide your appliances, cleaning products for the kitchen, dog food, serving trays you only use on the holidays, seasonal kitchen decor, and more.’ 

Basically, if you have room to put it in storage, it won’t be out causing chaos. Megan’s kitchen perfectly embodies this idea, as the large amount of storage keeps the room spotless. 

Kristyn Harvey Interiors
Kristyn Harvey

Kristyn Harvey is the founder of Kristyn Harvey Interiors, a residential design firm specializing in home renovations and furnishings based in San Diego, California. Kristyn’s philosophy is to compose efficient home spaces that also feel like a breath of fresh air, and she is known for creating light-filled rooms filled with warm natural textures.

Stephen Robinson, storage expert and Founder of Only Oak Furniture agrees that supersized pantry storage can have many benefits. 

‘Supersized pantry storage can be extremely useful as a method to increase your storage capacity; you’re able to store much higher amounts of non-perishable foods, kitchen supplies, and other appliances. This comes with the added benefit that you are thereby able to organize the rest of your kitchen better, resulting in much less clutter and other aesthetic benefits. 

'You’ll also be able to purchase more items in bulk to get better value for money, subsequently making meal planning and meal prepping much more straightforward to do and budget for,’ says Stephen.

Stephen Robinson

Only Oak Furniture founder Stephen Robinson prioritizes service, quality, and keeping up with the latest industry trends. His keen eye for design, passion for furniture, and ergonomic designs makes him the perfect professional to recommend storage solutions.

However, both designers expressed concerns about keeping these spaces neat and organized over time. Stephen Robinson says super large pantries ‘require a decent amount of maintenance to keep them organized and clean. You’ll also need to be conscious of over-shopping, hoarding, and potential food waste.’ 

On the issue of the glass shelves, Kristyn recommends an easy alternative. ‘I'm a fan of textured glass cabinet doors instead of clear glass. I don't think the look of clear glass doors outweighs the loss of functionality. Insert textured glass which provides you with the airy aesthetic of clear glass but the ability to still hide the mess behind the doors.’ 

If you do choose this cabinet option, our ideas for organizing kitchen cabinets will help you to keep the space neat.

Now, it’s time to put on Megan Thee Stallion’s popular album Good News and get your kitchen storage in order.

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