Mel B's cabinets tap into a kitchen trend (almost) as beloved as the Spice Girls themselves

Ever the versatile kitchen addition, white cabinetry is timeless and gives off a clean and fresh ambiance

Mel B
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Scary Spice may be known for her leopard print wardrobe, though when it comes to her interiors, she likes to blend animal print with an all-time classic color.

In a recent TikTok, Mel B showed off her leopard print-accented home (including everything from oven mitts to a living room rug), but the most timeless feature has got to be her white kitchen cabinet color – an aesthetic as iconic as The Spice Girls themselves.

White cabinets are a kitchen staple, mainly due to their ability to act as a canvas. As per Mel B's set of cabinetry and leopard accessories, white is a natural pairing with bright colors and patterned accents but is brighter than a typical cream or greige – as experts explain.  


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'You truly can't go wrong with white cabinetry,' says Jennifer Ebert, Editor (Digital) of Homes and Gardens. 'Choosing a paint color for cabinets can lock you into a more defined palette, whereas white leaves room for exploration through patterned decals and accessories.'

Jen Ebert
Jennifer Ebert

While on the surface, white appears as a fairly simple color, there are countless ways to incorporate visual interest. 

'Pair white cabinets with other textures, such as oak for a modern farmhouse look, or stone for a quiet luxury style,' Jen suggests. 'Texture is an excellent way to create dimension, whether you opt for grainy wood or shiny metallics,' she explains.

White reflects light, so the color itself will automatically provide a brightness that is unmatched. However, to take it up a notch, Jen recommends introducing some sheen with a finish. 

'Marble and white are the go-to for a sleek and shiny kitchen, but you can also try glossy white tiles for a fresh appearance,' Jen says. 'The white shine will make the kitchen look clean, and the glazed trend is timeless.'

Finally, for those who prefer darker colors and accents, try pairing white cabinets with a black backsplash for a high-contrast look.

'Black adds another dimension to an otherwise light space,' explains Jen. 

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Inspired by Mel B's cabinets? We don't need to renocate our entire kitchen to get the look Below, find some white accessories to achieve a clean and fresh look.

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