Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's kitchen before and after stuns interior designers – their island steals the show

You won't believe it's the same space

nate berkus and jeremiah brent
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When it comes to kitchen design, marble countertops are pretty much a guaranteed hit. Recent before and after photos of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's kitchen proves the rule. 

Nate and Jeremiah took their kitchen from a dated, chocolate brown granite and dark wood room to a sophisticated, light-filled oasis. The redesigned kitchen is ultra-chic featuring light wash herringbone floors, black and white marble countertops, and modern light fixtures. Their majorly stylish black and white marble island in the middle of the kitchen takes the look to the next level.

Interior experts love the design of the power couple's kitchen decor. Tyler Del Vento, founder and principal designer at TDV Design says: 'The marble island in Nate and Jeremiah's kitchen is the anchor piece that adds the drama, style, and WOW moment to this gorgeous room!'

Tyler Delvento
Tyler Del Vento

Interior Designer Tyler Del Vento is a graduate of NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology, and has spent many years working as a designer in Paris and NYC. Tyler is well-known for her ability to mix bold pieces with functional furnishings to create striking designs.

She continues on the kitchen island, 'The details are swoon worthy - scalloped corners - which match the edging on the tall kitchen backsplash, double layer countertop, and base molding.

Soledad Alzaga,  a San Francisco-based interior designer, says, 'Nate and Jeremiah's kitchen is grounded by the heavy island, whose marble base and top matches the rest of the countertops and backsplash for a cohesive and unified look. They added detail to the island border and base which shows it is custom-made and unique.'

Soledad Alzaga
Soledad Alzaga

San Francisco-based Interior designer Soledad Alzaga has worked on design projects in San Francisco, Sonoma, Atherton, New York, Martha's Vineyard, Los Angeles, Mexico, and Argentina. Her firm has been named one of the top 15 Best Interior Design Companies in San Francisco.

Designers further love how the island is united with the marble kitchen details in the rest of Nate and Jeremiah's space. 'Marble is timeless and elegant, its use in this kitchen with the beautifully refinished parquet floor adds warmth, texture, and personality. Carrying just one material throughout the space makes this kitchen sophisticated and chic,' says Soledad. Tyler adds, 'Using the same stone for the kitchen countertop, backsplash, and island ties everything together beautifully in an understated glamorous way.'

Whether you prefer a colorful or neutral kitchen, a statement island featuring marble will always elevate the space. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent know it, and now you do too.

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