Nicole Kidman's bedroom layout 'redefines traditional boundaries' – designers say it offers a blend of practicality and modern elegance

Interior designers say the actress's 'innovative' bedroom layout 'redefines contemporary living' – and it will change how we design our spaces going forward

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It is perhaps no secret that the desire for open-plan living has influenced how we design our spaces in recent years – but Nicole Kidman has taken the trend one step further: to the bedroom.

While thoughts of this layout often involve an open-plan living room and kitchen area, the Practical Magic actress has merged her sleep space with a living area – complete with a velvet brown sofa, a television, and a sleek fireplace (which doesn't happen to be lit in this shot). The living area flows directly to the bedroom, where we see a white bed with a view over a balcony.

While it is not conventional to see living and sleeping areas exist in such close proximity, the luxurious design quirk is growing in popularity, and Kidman is trailblazing the trend.

'Open-plan bedrooms are a noticeable trend for compelling reasons. Merging the private sanctuary of a bedroom with the communal vitality of a living space, this innovative layout redefines contemporary living,' comments designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'There are various benefits to open-plan bedrooms that make them so appealing and help explain why more homeowners are opting for this fluid design.' First is its ability to maximize light.

Since Kidman's bedroom is surrounded by windows and, consequently, natural light, emphasizing this is not a problem. However, in smaller bedrooms or those that are naturally darker, we can use this layout to enjoy an airier, lighter feel.

'One of the most significant advantages of an open-plan bedroom is the seamless flow of space and light. By eliminating walls, natural light can permeate the entire area, creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere,' Lichtenstein says. 'This uninterrupted light not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes smaller spaces feel more expansive. For urban dwellers with limited square footage, this design can transform a compact apartment into an airy, spacious haven.'

Secondly, this layout is more social than its broken-plan alternatives – meaning it encourages a more connected living experience with the ones we are closest to. 'The absence of barriers allows for easy interaction between the bedroom and living area, making it ideal for couples or roommates who value spending time together,' Lichtenstein says.

'This layout encourages a harmonious blend of relaxation and socializing, where one can transition effortlessly from a cozy reading nook in the bedroom to a lively conversation in the living room.'

open plan living room with critall windows dividing the space, purple rug and pink pouffes

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While labeling a layout as a 'design trend' can often feel risky, there is no denying that these qualities are increasingly sought-after. Renovating our bedrooms in such a way is no quick job, but if our space allows, we can make the change knowing that it will only become more sought-after in the future.

'The allure of open-plan bedrooms lies in their ability to redefine traditional boundaries, offering a blend of practicality and modern elegance,' Lichtenstein explains.

'By maximizing light and space, enhancing social interaction, and providing flexible living options, this layout caters to the needs and desires of contemporary homeowners. As we continue to seek out living spaces that adapt to our dynamic lives, the open-plan bedroom stands out as a testament to the beauty of open, interconnected living.' We saw it with Kidman first.

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