Real Housewives' Jenna Lyons’ Brooklyn backyard is the perfect inner-city hideaway, celebrating understated, modern design

Providing a moment of calm in the heart of New York City, Jenna Lyons’ Brooklyn backyard lets nature do the talking

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Fashion designer, founder of beauty brand LoveSeen and more recently Real Housewives of New York cast member, Jenna Lyons has repeatedly wowed on social media thanks to her strong sense of style shown in the interior design of her NYC residencies.

Her current home in SoHo, NYC has attracted lots of interest on social media for its standout design, but now we’re looking back to her previous residency in Brooklyn: a five-story townhouse which she sold for a reported $3.75 million back in 2011.

Lyons recently paid homage to her previous Brooklyn home, taking to Instagram to share a snapshot of the townhouse’s backyard. The backyard was designed by Brook Landscape, and the photo is serving us the right amount of inspiration we need this summer. 

The outdoor space is simple and modern in design, creating an overall feeling of calm. A soft, curved staircase connects the home to the backyard, allowing it to feel like an extension of the inside of the home. 

Perfect for hosting during the summer months, the space features a rectangular galvanized steel dining table, complete with a built-in bench that matches the cool-toned, natural wooden decking and fencing

Arguably the standout feature of the backyard is the stunning pink dogwood plant that frames the space, using an overhead trellis to create a canopy effect. The bright pink pairs effortlessly with the vivid green grass, which is made even more of a feature when contrasted with the far more refined and neutral colors opted for in the rest of the space. 

Brook Klausing, CEO and Creative Director at Brook Landscape who designed the backyard for Lyons, elaborates on the standout dogwood plant: 'When Jenna and I first looked at the yard it was empty except this fabulous dogwood. She hadn't been there long enough to see it bloom but I knew it was a keeper.'

He goes on to discuss the design of the rest of the space: 'The yard was pretty exposed so we wanted to create some privacy that didn't make the space feel too claustrophobic. With the kitchen steps coming down on the right side of the yard we opted to add a stone wall that wrapped the left and rear of the property and a recessed deck that sat under a pergola that would create privacy without losing width.'

'This format allows us to keep the space feeling very clean and simple with the yard and beds in place and then add plantings that felt like a container garden without the containers.'

Brook Klausing

Established in 2008, Brook Landscape is a New York-based landscape design company. Collaborating with homeowners, architects, interior designers, and developers, Brook Landscape has designed hundreds of spaces across New York. 

What we love about Lyons’ considered outdoor space is its understated design. The layout is incredibly effective in creating a serene yet interesting backyard without the need to add lots of loud features, whilst it celebrates nature through the greenery and plants, which is key to creating a calming environment.

'Integrating natural elements helps to create a calming space and make your yard feel almost like a sanctuary. Incorporating low-maintenance trees and shrubs can help towards bringing an enclosed feeling and simpler palettes with limited colors, including the use of greens, creates a space that feels harmonious and relaxing,' says Homes & Gardens' gardening editor Drew Swainston.

'You can even add plants for wildlife and a calming water feature to bring some tranquility and make a yard feel like a peaceful oasis, wherever it may be.'

Drew Swainston
Drew Swainston

Drew qualified as a journalist and wrote for many websites and publications, before studying for a horticulture qualification. He worked as a professional gardener for several years, specializing in kitchen gardening. He's now bringing his expertise and passion to Homes & Gardens as a member of our team. 

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