Serena Williams' sophisticated outdoor kitchen is shaping how we host in the warmer months

Materials are key to ensuring an outdoor dining space is durable and stylish – here's what we learned from her set-up

Serena Williams
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It may not feel like it right now, but outdoor dining season is quickly approaching. There's no time like the present to fantasize about an outdoor kitchen, and we're taking inspiration from H&G fave Serena Williams.

From her unique kitchen island to her chic paint color choices, the tennis all-star and entrepreneur is a wealth of interior inspiration. Our latest fixation is actually an exterior home feature; she recently posted a photo of her sunny outdoor space, outfitted with dark cabinetry and a kitchen island perfectly fit for entertaining, and we're into it.

Outdoor kitchens may have spurred from the COVID-19 pandemic when many were restricted to outdoor activities, but they have since become a common trend amongst those who love hosting and entertaining outdoors. And experts say this al-fresco movement isn't set to waver.

'The outdoor kitchen market is growing rapidly, and we have seen an increasing desire for year-round garden entertaining,' says Mor Krisher, Head of Design at Caesarstone, of this garden trend.

One of the most important outdoor kitchen features to consider is what it's made of. What works or is trendy in an indoor kitchen can be completely unsuitable for an outdoor kitchen, and vice versa.

'Don't make the mistake of choosing the wrong material,' More cautions. 'Natural stone, such as marble, is highly susceptible to staining, especially in a high-traffic, exposed area such as your outdoor kitchen. To avoid substantial staining, you would have to seal your natural stone surfaces at least annually.'

patio with dining area

A similar outdoor dining space

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Instead of stone, opt for non-porous, stain-resistant surfaces like quartz, stainless steel, or high-performance porcelain. Serena's solid, matte counter surfaces are a great example of surfaces that can withstand the natural elements of the outdoors.

'The beauty of opting for... quartz and porcelain in your kitchen design is that you can achieve the aesthetic you love without compromising on durability,' Mor explains.

Below, find some accessories to complete the ideal outdoor kitchen in time for spring.

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