Simone Biles uses this textured decorating technique to keep her kitchen light and visually appealing

The kitchen adopts the timeless trend of an all-white color palette, which experts say can be heightened with a variety of materials

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When it comes to timeless trends, white kitchens are perhaps one of the most widely used interior styles. Despite its ubiquity, it remains highly customizable thanks to the thousands of variations of this neutral, along with materials.

Gymnast and Olympic medalist Simone Biles' home is proof that a little texture goes a long way in a white kitchen. The award-winning athlete shared a photo of her crisp, clean kitchen on her Instagram page, and the white-painted cabinets blend seamlessly into the greige walls and oatmeal-colored, tiled floors.

White kitchens certainly can give off a modern and clean appearance, but sometimes, they can look flat if there is no variety in the materials used.

'The key with a neutral kitchen is to pair cabinetry with contrasting walls and textural elements,' says Tom Howley creative design director at Tom Howley. 'This will give the design an edge and create appealing visual interest.'

We love how Biles added subtle hints of texture to her space with her intricate chandeliers, marbled tiles, and ceramic vases on the table. The mix of materials helps create visual interest; Howley has additional ideas to achieve this in our kitchen.

'If you have crisp white or cream kitchen cabinetry, you could opt for a contrasting walnut finish for the racks and shelving within,' he says. 'Choose a smoky wood finish for the internal shelving for a stylish edge.'

Finally, don't be afraid to add subtle touches of opposing, darker neutrals in a white kitchen.

'Adding some black or brown accents in a white kitchen will not completely darken the space; in fact, it will simply frame the lighter colors that make up the base of the room,' explains Homes & Gardens' editor, Jennifer Ebert. 'We can see Simone Biles has done this by including dark leather chairs and transparent, black lampshades, which are highly complementary against the mostly cream and white kitchen scheme.' The monochromatic look is ageless and creates yet more interest through a juxtaposition that will impress in every type of home.

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