Sofia Vergara's Mediterranean-style living room combines 4 of fall's top design trends

Designers have shared their predictions for A/W '23's most sought-after interior trends – and the actress's home taps into most of them

Sofia Vergara
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It is certainly not uncommon for celebrity homes to experiment with some of the most talked-about design trends of the moment – but it is rarer to find a space that incorporates four at once. Then we saw Sofia Vergara's living room. 

Situated inside her Italian-style villa in Los Angeles, Sofia's off-white living room is a masterclass in soothing, earthy design –complete with therapeutic curved furnishings and biophilic elements. 

The room exhibits timeless paint hues and quiet luxury furnishings that pair alongside the actress's artworks and accessories – a reminder that even the most luxurious spaces don't shy away from personality. 

But which of these features excites designers the most? YoDezeen's co-founders, Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev weigh in. 

According to Artur and Artem, Sofia's living room masters four of fall's most prominent design trends: Biophilic Design, Warm Earthy Tones, Curved Furniture, and Artisanal and Handcrafted Pieces.

First, there is no better starting point than noting Sofia's nod to biophilia through the towering tree in the corner of her room and the floral arrangement in the vase on her coffee table. 

With the biophilic design, it is hard to go wrong; as Artur and Artem explain, we can work with mass greenery (such as living walls) or pockets of greenery as Sofia demonstrates. 'Bring the outdoors inside and create a feeling of harmony,' they say. 

Architectural and Interior Designers
Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev
Architectural and Interior Designers
Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev

Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev are the founders of the international design studio YoDezeen. The designers let natural materials speak for themselves and offer solutions that produce unparalleled feelings within the design. Bringing warmth into projects is a critical component of their work after hailing from cool Slavic countries. The duo created YoDezeen in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2010 and have since designed over 800 projects worldwide. Their offices are currently found in Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai, Warsaw, Kyiv, and Milan. 

As mentioned, Sofia Vergara's living room also showcases warm, earthy tones: the ever-popular color trend seen through her organic wooden furnishings, rug, and cushions.

To get the look, Artur and Artem recommend shifting 'towards warm and earthy color palettes, such as terracotta, ochre, burnt orange, and deep greens' that will create a 'cozy and inviting atmosphere' in all rooms, but especially our living space. And, of course, these hues are best paired with curved furniture. 

'Add soft and rounded shapes to your furniture and decor, including curved sofas, chairs, and tables,' Artur and Artem say. 'This will add a touch of elegance and fluidity to every space in your home.'

When it comes to artisanal and handcrafted pieces – the last of the four trends – the designers suggest looking for 'unique, one-of-a-kind pieces made by skilled artisans, including handcrafted furniture, ceramics, woven textiles, and bespoke lighting fixtures.' In Sofia's case, she has a collection of vases, antique-style trinkets on her table, and unmissable artwork on her wall. 

'This trend will allow you to make your space feel like you, and nothing is more important than that,' Artur and Artem add.

We're replicating the look with these Sofia-inspired buys below.

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