Travis Barker 'blurs the lines between music, fashion, design and creativity' with an innovative interiors collaboration

The Blink-182 drummer created a home accessories collection, bringing his rocker sensibilities into the world of design

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Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker might not be the first person that comes to mind when you think of interior design. His home accessories collaboration with Buster + Punch begs to differ.

The Travis Barker x Buster + Punch Skull Collection includes a variety of metal homewares, from candleholders to doorstoppers, inspired by the rock musician's creative style. Barker's music is an unusual place to look for home decor ideas, but then again, Buster + Punch is an unusual home decor brand. For one, it began in a garage in East London. Born from the fusion of the founder's passions for architecture and motorcycles, the luxury hardware and lighting brand is inspired by the city's fashion, music, and sub-cultures. It's no wonder that Barker and Buster make the perfect pair.

Each piece in the Skull Collection feels uniquely Barker. The collaboration 'explores the skull’s role in culture as an iconic symbol with great significance,' in turn 'blur[ring]  the lines between music, fashion, design and creativity.' Every metallic piece incorporates an ultra-cool skull detail, adding an edge to mundane details like lighting and kitchen hardware.

It's a reminder that there is an interior style for everyone, and often the smallest details can be the most important. Barker tells B+P founder Massimo Minale: 'I think [architecture] is everything. Your space that you live or work in is everything. For me it's simplicity, just minimal.' He continues, 'I don't need a lot but what's there counts.'

buster and punch lamp in front of a drum set

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From alternative hardware to punk lamps, here are our favorite pieces from the Travis Barker x Buster + Punch. Each solid steel or brass piece is available in both silver and gold finishes, depending on the material.

Our Top TB x B+P Picks

Whether you're a punk, prep, or nerd, interior design is for you. Travis Barker's B+P collaboration is just one piece of great proof.

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