Viola Davis's luxury bathroom features the timeless trend that will continue to endure beyond 2024

Opulent and sophisticated, this luxury bathroom will help you turn your existing bathroom into your very own spa

Viola Davis
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With relaxed shapes and nature-led color palettes, this year's bathroom trends are pitched to restore mind, body and soul. Actress Viola Davis and her husband Julius Tennon's luxury, spa-like bathroom is no exception. 

One of the few positives to come out of living in lockdown was, for many, the chance to enjoy a slower pace of life without the daily commute, crammed social calendar and consumer pressures. While the present day is certainly brighter, our homes are likely to remain our favorite sanctuaries, especially when it comes to crafting a luxury bathroom.

‘Today, creating a space of calm quietude is more important than ever for our wellbeing,’ says Lisa Persse, co-founder of Porter Bathroom. ‘We recommend creating a bathroom that combines muted tones and natural materials to calm both body and mind.’ A balanced layout based on symmetry and order will also aid relaxation. 

In Davis and Tennon's spa bathroom, designed by LA designer Michaela Cadiz, the serene room color palette, natural materials, and greenery work in harmony with the room’s soft lighting to soothe the senses.

There is no doubt that finding the perfect bathroom color palette is a wonderful place to start when planning a bathroom. Timeless, elegant, calming – there is a lot to love about this serene gray-green scheme.

An amalgamation of grey, green, and bluey brown, this shade has a moody, sophisticated feel and adds great depth and dimension to interiors,' says Francesca Wezel, founder, of Francesca’s Paints. 'It is perfect for calming bathrooms and would work well as a background color for artwork.’ As it has this mercurial quality, it works well with an array of colors, too. 

Francesca Wezel
Francesca Wezel

After years working as a colorist and manager of various Porter’s Paints shops throughout Sydney, Francesca Wezel returned to London and founded Francesca's Paints in 1996, an artisan paint studio based in Battersea.

Another wonderfully warm addition to this bathroom is the use of timber elements. Old or new, pale or dark, the tactile nature of timber ensures it enhances any home. It is an ideal choice if your bathroom or shower room is verging on the clinical side. Wood accents will add warmth instantly. 

Finally, introduce a touch of greenery to your bathing space. There is a place in every room for an indoor plant, and the bathroom is no exception. The best bathroom plants love humidity and will help to bring this often overlooked room to life, creating a lush and relaxing oasis. 

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