Willow Smith's home uses a trending material that always guarantees a cozy, rustic feel

The singer uses natural wood to guarantee welcoming energy, and experts say it's a huge trend for 2024

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In 2024, it's time to go back to the basics. Despite the myriad options for paints and materials, we're increasingly seeing interior designers opt for natural wood finishes this year. Now, the popular look stuns in Willow Smith's in-home recording studio.

The talented Meet Me at Our Spot singer often posts Instagram videos from the cool music room in her Los Angeles home. It's filled to the brim with musical instruments on cleverly arranged shelves. A green, red, and cream rug centers the space. All of the furniture, shelves, and beams on the walls are natural wood in a pretty, reddish finish. It's one of the biggest interior design trends of 2024.

Interior designers swear by this natural, rustic accent material. Decorating with wood, like these wood-paneled walls, can help us feel grounded and connected to nature. Interior designer Nina Lichtenstein states: 'Wood inherently carries warmth due to its natural tones and textures. When used in walls, it introduces an organic and comforting element to the space, enhancing the overall comfort of the room.'

She continues, 'Wooden furniture and walls provide a pleasing contrast to neutral color schemes, preventing the space from feeling too monochromatic. This contrast adds depth and interest, contributing to a visually dynamic and balanced atmosphere.' These benefits also come through in Smith's wood ceiling.

Nina Lichtenstein
Nina Lichtenstein

Nina Lichtenstein is the founder and principal home designer at her eponymous design studio, based in Westchester, NY. Nina believes that home design should capture a family’s unique spirit by how it serves the family's daily needs while nourishing the soul. She has been celebrated for designing, renovating, and building elegant living spaces. 

Furthermore, the reddish color moves Willow's space into the characterization of a 'warm neutral' palette, a color trend that boasts numerous benefits. Lichtenstein tells H&G, 'Neutral tones provide a timeless and versatile backdrop for various design elements. They allow for flexibility in incorporating different textures, patterns, and materials, ensuring the decor remains elegant and enduring over time.'

On the topic of decorating with neutrals, Lichtenstein adds: 'A warm neutral color scheme, particularly earthy tones like browns and greens, establishes a profound connection to nature. These hues mimic the colors found in natural landscapes, evoking a sense of tranquility and grounding. This connection fosters a serene environment in your living space, making it a tranquil retreat that resonates with the calming palette of the outdoors.'

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A space filled with wood  is a space with a warm, cozy, and comforting energy. Just look to Willow Smith's music room for proof.

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