Are paneled walls still on trend for 2024? Interior designers on whether this feature is set to endure

Interior design trends come and go, but are paneled walls still on trend this year? Here's what interior designers have to say...

Are paneled walls still on trend for 2024
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If you're searching for ways to add character and detail to your home, you might be wondering if paneled walls are still on trend for 2024. This wall decor has proved popular recently, but will this design element endure?

The design world is filled with different wall paneling ideas and styles, from beadboard to slatted panels, but as interior design trends evolve and embrace a more timeless style, you might be questioning whether paneled walls are a good idea.

To find out if paneled walls are still on trend for 2024, we've turned to leading interior designers to discover whether they're still incorporating this wall feature in their designs, which styles to embrace, and which to leave firmly in the past.

Are paneled walls still on trend for 2024?

green paneled bedroom with western interior design accents and textiles

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Wall paneling has been featured in homes for centuries, adding a decorative element to wall designs. But it's only certain styles that have endured for so long, and as varying paneled wall trends have emerged in recent years, many have been left wondering if it's still a stylish addition to their homes.

'Wall paneling remains perpetually on trend and always will be. Traditional wall paneling is a fantastic way to add a timeless element to your home,' says Kailee Blalock and Taylor Troia, co-founders of House of Hive Design Co.

The style of paneling you choose really dictates how timeless your interiors feel – something ultra-modern and trend-led will quickly date, but more classic designs will endure. 'Our favorite type is wainscoting, as it imparts a classic look. We also love beadboard, which is definitely making a comeback,' they add.

White corner couch in a living room

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While your interior design style will affect the style of paneled walls you gravitate towards, your home's architecture should also be considered. 'When it comes to paneling, it is important to respect and reflect the history of the building. The style of paneling is dependent on the interior style of the room, however, we always like to add a unique contemporary element,' says Alexander Shepel, founder of SHEPEL.

'Wall paneling is utterly timeless, and this decorative feature always adds a unique elegance to a room. For timelessness, we recommend wall panels that feature wood or fabric. Fabric on walls makes the room incredibly special and warm, while wood frames add structure and shape,' he adds.

Are there any styles of paneled walls to avoid in 2024?

wood paneled living room

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Although paneled walls are still on trend for 2024, there are some styles interior designers suggest leaving firmly in the past. 'Classically designed wall paneling will always be in style, but as a rule, we avoid paneling in geometric shapes and asymmetrical designs,' says interior designer Ellie Mroz.

These styles of paneled walls are newer trend-led designs that have fallen out of favor relatively quickly, and geometric paneling in particular should be avoided this year. 'Wall paneling will never go out of style, except for the geometric board and batten trend painted in charcoal grey and black – we hope that doesn't make a return,' adds Kailee and Taylor.

Alongside geometrics being a generally out-of-trend paneling style, Emily Ruff, owner and principal designer at Cohesively Curated, suggests that some designs are in or out of trend depending on the style of your home. 'Shiplap [is out of trend], unless you have an actual farmhouse,' she says.

5 on-trend ways to introduce paneled walls to your home this year

While paneled walls prove to be a timeless design feature, we asked interior designers how they would introduce paneled walls in an on-trend way this year. From classic schemes to color-drenched spaces, there's plenty here to inspire.

1. Opt for floor-to-ceiling paneled walls

Floor to ceiling paneled wall in a stairway

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Introducing paneling from floor to ceiling creates a striking design and, depending on the room, can make the space feel larger. 'We like to use floor-to-ceiling paneling in smaller enclosed rooms like butler's pantries, laundry rooms, and powder bathrooms,' says Emily.

'For wainscoting style paneling where you have various styles of boxes together, that looks best in areas with tall ceilings. Two-story ceilings are even better so that typically includes entryways, stairways, and some living rooms,' she adds.

While paneling in a small space can create the illusion of greater space, in a large, tall room, it helps to make the room feel less vast and empty. A win-win!

2. Add character to a modern home

Children's bedroom with a white painted paneled wall

(Image credit: Price Hart Design/Vivan Johnson)

Paneled walls, especially more traditional styles, are typically associated with older homes, but they work just as well in more contemporary spaces to inject architectural detail and character.

'Paneling is a fun way to experiment with different colors, patterns, and materials. While often associated with historic homes or country houses, we are increasingly incorporating this design element into contemporary homes,' says Alexander.

In all styles of homes, paneled walls not only add character, but they add interest to rooms without overwhelming them. 'Paneled walls remain a popular choice because they are highly customizable. They create a layer of dimension and texture to a room while serving traditional and modern aesthetics,' adds Angela Hart and Alexa Price, of Price Hart Design.

3. Go classic with beadboard paneled walls

Kitchen with beadboard paneling

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Beadboard is one of the most classic styles of wall paneling to choose It works especially well in more rustic spaces like farmhouses and rural homes. There are plenty of ways to introduce it to a home – panel the walls and ceilings, or even add decorative details to free-standing furniture.

'I think tongue and groove or beadboard is the most timeless. It can be used floor to ceiling on walls, on ceilings, or as an accent inside shelving or in place of a tile or slab backsplash,' says Emily.

4. Create a color drenched scheme with paneled walls

Color drenched bathroom with horizontally paneled walls

(Image credit: Ellie Mroz Design/Michael Robert Construction)

The color-drenching trend seems to be here to stick around, and paneled walls are a wonderful addition to give these spaces dimension and detail. Without paneling, simple schemes run the risk of feeling flat.

'For a super timeless and classic look, we are currently loving color-drenching wall paneling, ceilings, and trim. Painting a space all in one color gives a seamless look that is both dramatic and serene,' says Ellie.

5. Experiment with shiplap panels

Hallway with chequerboard floors and horizontally paneled walls

(Image credit: Courtney Bishop Design/Katie Charlotte)

Although Emily suggested that shiplap paneling can feel out of place in some homes, when executed the right way, it can feel timeless and add a more rustic appeal to a scheme.

'Shiplap paneling is a favorite – horizontal or vertical – and can be done throughout a room, on one wall (in the same color of the paint) or to add focus on a particular element or space,' says Ellie.

As well as the walls, it can be taken further to create a striking design. 'We also always love a paneled ceiling to add a subtle "wow" to a space,' adds Ellie.

Paneled walls are on trend for 2024, say interior designers. For a timeless scheme, opt for more classic styles, and choose a paneled design that suits both your interior design style and the home's architecture. Paneled walls add interest and character, so they won't be going out of trend any time soon!

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