How do I Feng Shui my bedroom for good luck? 5 ways experts recommend

Use your bedroom to enhance your luck and get a good night's rest with these expert recommendations

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Feng Shui has been used for years in an attempt to increase good luck and prosperity. However, there is more to it than lucky cats statues and bamboo. 

The meaning of Feng Shui thrives on the small intricacies of arranging and designing a space. In bedroom Feng Shui, small adjustments such as Feng Shui bed placement and choosing the right colors are believed to have an impact on prosperity in your everyday life. 

Here, an expert has divulged how we could all introduce more luck in our lives through our bedroom design.

How do I feng shui my bedroom for good luck? 

There are multiple ways you can style and organize your bedroom using Feng Shui however there is more to increasing your luck than basic Feng Shui furniture placement. Here are five things that could influence your luck.

1. Select the right artwork for good luck 

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Decorating with art is an easy way to increase the Feng Shui energy in your home whilst also adding personality and beauty to a space. It is important to always pick pieces that resonate with you whilst considering the Fung Shui effects of the imagery at the same time.

‘Something I see regularly in bedrooms is inappropriate artwork,’ says Feng Shui expert Patricia Lohan. ‘I highly recommend you review the art on your walls and make sure that it is, for example, resonant with the type of relationship that you would like to emulate in your life for good luck in your relationships.’ 

The abundance of creative energy that radiates through art makes it a powerful tool to Feng Shui your bedroom for good luck. To experience its effects to the fullest, make sure to choose art that reflects some or all of the Feng Shui elements such as water for prosperity, wood for growth, or fire for passion to influence the energy of your space. You may also want to consider the size and material of the frame to influence the dynamics of Chi energy.

Where you hand your art can also make a difference. hanging art above your bed, for example, could create oppressive energy - similarly to bedroom mirror Feng Shui, due to the large frame hanging above you as you sleep.

‘Having a picture in your bedroom that reflects what it is that you want is auspicious and brings good luck in Feng Shui,’ adds Patricia. 

2. Incorporate natural elements and materials for growth

Double bed with bedding and cushions, open door to hallway

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Feng Shui places a lot of emphasis on the importance of natural materials and live elements. Bringing natural elements into the space can aid in the circulation of Chi energy and bring balance and harmony to a space. The positive energy attracted by these elements can increase your chances of luck. Incorporating Feng Shui plants such as lucky bamboo and the money tree throughout the space, for example, can offer a number of Feng Shui and health benefits.

‘I highly recommend upgrading your sheets and having good pillows,’ recommends Patricia, ‘make the space feel like a sanctuary so that every time you walk in you feel uplifted.’

As well as using plants, hone in on the nurturing earth and wood elements of Feng Shiu by incorporating wooden elements in furniture, decor, and picture frames, or add luxury natural textiles such as linen and wool for a gorgeous space. ‘If your bedroom feels like a luxurious five-star hotel it will reflect that in your sleep and the luck you manifest in it.’ 

3. Opt for a lucky Feng Shui color palette

Pink themed room. Black four poster bed, red patterned wallpaper

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Feng Shui bedroom colors have a massive impact on how your space functions and feels.

Red bedroom ideas might be overwhelming but the color is seen as both inspirational and lucky in Feng Shui. Fortunately, there are ways to incorporate this influential color into your space to create a bold yet sophisticated statement. 

If curating completely red room is not for you, try adding red elements through decor such as an area rug or artwork, or bring statement colors in through bedding – a little goes a long way with this powerful color as its activating, yang energy can easily overwhelm.

It is important to remember when decorating with Feng Shui that influential elements such as bold colors should not be thrown haphazardly into a space in the hopes that they will create a positive effect. Instead, balance a few powerful pieces for a beautiful and harmonious space.

4. Declutter your space 

A bedroom with large cupboard doors open to show a dressing table within, woodwork painted pale grey. Built in wall of cupboards and storage. Master bedroom

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‘The next thing in bedrooms is to make sure that the room is set up like a sanctuary. A bedroom is a place for rest, romance, and relaxation so be mindful of what you actually have in your bedroom,’ explains Patricia. ‘Laptops, phones, work paperwork, and exercise equipment is all a distraction from the principal function of the room.

‘I also highly recommend cleaning the room and decluttering the space under the bed. Whilst it may be a convenient place to hide clutter, this build-up of mess can mirror having unexpressed emotions and hidden feelings that can distract from and disturb your sleep.’ One way to prevent this is to consider creating a Feng Shui bedroom layout that incorporates clever storage solutions.

‘By setting the intention that the bedroom is to be a sanctuary, you will be able to use the space to get a great night’s sleep to feel energized and welcome new opportunities. The calmer the space feels, the better luck you’re going to have.’

5. Set the right mood with lighting 

Double bed with a wooden bedhead in front of floral tapestry wall hanging. Hanging fabric on the wall. Pendant lights

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Lighting has a surprising effect on the energy of your home and, according to Feng Shui, light is a powerful conductor of the yang force of energy and fortune. 

Layering lighting through task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting creates a functional but cozy space that can help reinvigorate your body and prepare you to take on new opportunities that could bring luck into your life. 

In a bedroom, avoid using bare bulbs or white lighting as this can create a severe look and throw off the relaxing feel of the space – instead it is recommended to place bedroom lights on dimmers so that you have complete control over the rooms atmosphere. 

To bring luck, position lights slightly away from the bedside so that their energizing effects do not lead to a restless nights sleep. What’s more, position your bed so there is no ceiling light above it, this is because a light fixture above the bed is considered inauspicious and is believed to cause adverse health issues in Feng Shui. 

What are lucky colors for bedrooms?

Alongside auspicious red, other good bedroom colors include yellows, browns, and oranges due to their earthy appeal. the earth element in Feng Shui is connected with grounding and stability which is needed to achieve good luck in life. These colors, although not lucky in themselves in Feng Shui, can help to nourish you and your hopes.

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