Minnie Driver used this space-expanding trick to make her bedroom look bigger, and designers share their adoration

This simple trick will make even the smallest space look bigger and bolder – and it comes with just a touch of eccentricity

Minnie Driver
(Image credit: Getty Images / Presley Ann / Contributor)

British-American actress Minnie Driver knows a thing or two about style, and her maximalist bedroom wouldn't look out of place on pages of Homes & Gardens.

Where minimalism champions stripped-back design, the philosophy behind maximalism is that less really isn’t more; in fact, the busier the better. The aesthetic of excess, maximalism has found favour among interior brands and designers in recent times, but the principle is nothing new. 

Where proportions allow, combining powerful colors, clashing ornate prints and rich textures can really make a statement. With its profusion of color, winter is a brilliant time to seek inspiration for a maximalist look, and the interiors world is bursting with prints to choose from. Nowhere is this bold yet charming eccentricity more apparent than in Minnie Driver’s bedroom. In fact, when done right, a maximalist design can make a small bedroom look bigger if you follow this one simple trick.

In Driver's bedroom, designer Peter Dunham of Peter Dunham & Associates used color and pattern across the ceiling and blinds to create the illusion of space.

All too often the 'fifth wall' is left untouched but it can be a great opportunity to incorporate color or pattern. We love how this Indian block print bedroom wallpaper provides a playful moment, yet doesn't detract from the elegant furniture and furnishings.

'Taking the pattern to the ceiling and on window treatments accentuates its size and height while also creating an enveloping feel,' says designer Beata Heuman.

Nicola Harding of Nicola Harding & Co. also swears by this space-enhancing trick for small bedrooms. 

‘Ceilings are a great way of adding another layer of interest and making a space feel cozier. All too often they are an afterthought but we make sure to consider their potential. Using statement colors and patterns on the ceiling, and beyond, can help to extend the walls in any space.'

Ceilings are an excellent opportunity to take a bold wallpaper idea and supersize it. In this case, that means straight up the wall and right across the ceiling with a vintage patterned paper. To achieve this effect, it’s worth using an experienced decorator to deliver the best outcome.

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