Decorators address book: 14 interior designers on the best places to shop kitchen hardware

Whether you are planning a whole remodel or just looking to change up your kitchen, the hardware can make all the difference

Decorator's Address Book: Kitchen hardware
(Image credit: Julie Soefer/Bethany Adams Interiors/Kaitlin Green)

Welcome to the Decorator's Address Book. H&G's new monthly round-up of our favorite designer's best spots to shop, browse, and be inspired. This month the focus is on kitchen hardware – the jewelry of the kitchen, a small element that can make all the difference. Plus, what we love about hardware is even if you aren't doing a full remodel, changing it up can refresh your kitchen in an instant. Switching the color, shape or material can totally transform the look of your kitchen cabinets without the need to spend a lot of time, effort, or money. 

So here we got the inside knowledge from top designers on where they shop for kitchen hardware, both for their client's projects and their own homes. There's a real mix here – if you are working with a designer yourself, there are trade store recommendations, if you are shopping online for yourself there are plenty of online stores as well as some hidden local gems. 

1. Rejuvenation

Blue and wooden kitchen designed by Emily Henderson

(Image credit: Kaitlin Green)

Emily Henderson, designer, presenter, and founder of Style by Emily Henderson

'Rejuvenation is one of my all-time favorite places to shop and I've used them for years. They are based in Portland, OR and I've actually been shopping there since I was a teenager in their awesome vintage department. Now, I mostly go there for their beautiful modern traditional lighting, hardware, plumbing, and even furniture. Everything they have is such high quality. I will never stop shopping there.' Emily Henderson.

Lauren Meichtry founder of Elsie Home

'We love Rejuvenation for kitchen hardware and just generally, really! Their site makes accessing more luxurious hardware easy and approachable for everyone - designer or not.'

'We’re looking forward to incorporating some of Rejuvenation’s brass cabinet latches in a moody, traditional kitchen we have in the works, but we also used their knobs in a recent commercial project. Sourcing for commercial and residential kitchens can be particularly tricky because that hardware has to handle some wear and tear, so take our advice and just invest in the good stuff from the start.'

2. Armac Martin

Wooden rustic kitchen

(Image credit: Folding Chair Design)

Jennifer Walters, founder of Folding Chair Design based in Baltimore, DC and specializing in transitional design

'For kitchen hardware, our go-to is Armac Martin.  All of the hardware is made and finished in-house in Birmingham, England for over 95 years.  The quality and craftsmanship is unbeaten, and each piece looks and feels like pure luxury.'

'We have also been sourcing more unique and equally English hardware from deVOL Kitchens. We are especially keen to the Boho handles that feel quintessentially deVOL. Another company focused on living finishes made in small batches at their facility, the unique character of their pulls is unmatched.'

'We have found some pretty amazing and original knobs and pulls on Etsy as well. The power of image searches for vintage pulls has led us time and time again to the marketplace where vendors small and large are selling high-quality hardware online.  We’ve sourced sinks, plumbing, and hardware from places as far as Morocco and as near as Chicago!

'We have done several kitchens with Kitchens by Request in Jarretsville, and they have a vast selection of lesser-known hardware lines, many of them special order and special finishes.  This is one of our local stops for clients looking for something a little outside the box finish or design-wise.'

3. Belmont Hardware

Blue kitchen with white worktops and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Thomas Kuoh)

Kriste Michelini founder of Kriste Michelini Design, based in California and specializes in full-scale design projects all over the US

'We are fond of shopping at Belmont Hardware for its extensive array of product lines from across the nation and beyond, featuring international collections alongside a variety of full displays and finishes. The customer service provided is unparalleled, making it a favored destination for our cabinet and door hardware shopping needs.' 

4. Sun Valley Bronze

Black kitchen with white marble worktop

(Image credit: Bess Friday)

Melinda Mandell founder of Melinda Mandell Interior Design, based in San Francisco

'For our recent contemporary Los Altos Hills, CA project the perfect solution was integrated cabinet pulls from Sun Valley Bronze. Located in Sun Valley Idaho, SVB makes solid, sand casted bronze hardware in a wide spectrum of luxury finishes. Along with the cabinet pulls, one of my favorite features in this kitchen is a custom-sized 3-bracket towel rail at the sink in a matching bronze finish.'


black mid century modern kitchen cabinets by davis interiors

(Image credit: Davis Interiors)

Jennifer Davis, founder of Minneapolis based, Davis Interiors

'When it comes to sourcing hardware, we highly recommend for its convenient one-stop-shop experience. They offer a meticulously curated selection of hardware, catering to both high-end and budget-friendly options. The website is user-friendly, making navigation a breeze.'

'We love to shop at CB2 for modern hardware that is truly unique. Despite the limited options, each piece is perfectly curated, ensuring a selection that feels both intentional and refreshing. The streamlined assortment makes shopping easy, allowing us to focus on finding the perfect thing.'

'We absolutely adore shopping on Etsy for sourcing truly unique hardware pieces. Whether it's antique hardware, custom brass pieces, or intricate leather pulls, Etsy never fails to offer an array of options that perfectly suit our tastes. What makes Etsy especially appealing is the flexibility of many vendors who are willing to customize items to our exact specifications, ensuring we find exactly what we're looking for to add that special touch to our spaces.'

6. Perigold

Wooden kitchen with marble splashback

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

Marie Flanigan, founder of award-winning Marie Flanigan Interiors and more recently online store

'Perigold is a great website to shop elevated brands that designers often source. I was thrilled when they recently added Rocky Mountain Hardware to their hardware collection, as it’s a company that I use in client homes and in my own house. I love Rocky Mountain Hardware because they create custom handcrafted bronze hardware that is incredibly luxurious with exquisite attention to detail. With every touch, you can feel the gorgeous weight and craftsmanship of the hardware.'

'When choosing hardware, getting the finish right size and finish is imperative. Don’t be afraid to order different samples to try in the space. Just be sure to check the return policies.'

7. Schoolhouse

Pale gray kitchen with dark wooden island

(Image credit: Bethany Adams Interiors)

Bethany Adams, founder of Bethany Adams Interiors

'I'm never disappointed by the offerings on They offer a highly curated selection of top-quality hardware brands in a range of finishes and styles.  You'll find everything from their signature mid-century utilitarian style to sleek modern knobs and pulls. They also sell a nice variety of coordinating appliance pulls, which is something the average consumer often forgets about when shopping for hardware.'

'In my recent 1920s Tudor revival remodel in Louisville, KY I sourced all of the hardware from Schoolhouse, including appliance pulls. I used the Ruth knob in satin brass on the cabinets in the kitchen and all throughout the home for a sense of continuity.  The knob has a wonderful heft to it – you can really feel the quality – and the backplate is optional which gives you, well, options! It looks a tad more modern without it, but I like the way it looks with it and it has the added benefit of protecting cabinets from finger oils.  The satin finish is similarly forgiving which is a benefit for this family which includes a toddler.'

'I paired the knobs with the Talbot appliance pull, which is a fantastically simple pull. Clients sometimes get hung up on every item of hardware matching, but a knob is never going to work for opening an appliance so you must select something that coordinates. Also in satin brass, this elegant pull does the trick.'

8. Needham Decorative Hardware

White kitchen with marble and gold accents

(Image credit: Sarah Winchester Studios)

Nicole Hirsch founder of Nicole Hirsch Interiors a boutique design firm located in Wellesley, Massachusetts

'When it comes to kitchen hardware we always like to source from the amazing showroom at Needham Decorative Hardware in Needham, MA.'

'Kitchen hardware is not only about aesthetics but also function, so we like to bring our clients into this expansive showroom and have them touch and feel the different handles, knobs and appliance pulls. The staff is so incredibly knowledgeable and helps us with brands from Armac Martin to custom pieces to fit their kitchen design to perfection. There is no style, size or finish we cannot find at Needham Decorative Hardware.'

9. deVOL

Black kitchen with marble worktops

(Image credit: Nick Glimenakis)

Tess Twiehaus founder of Tess Interiors, a full-service interior design studio creating bespoke spaces, for both residential and commercial clients

'One of my top kitchen hardware sources is deVOL. They're my go-to for so many reasons. First, each piece has a nice weight to it. I love hardware that is a bit heavier – too light can feel a bit flimsy and poorly made. Second, the finishes are gorgeous. They have this pitting detail that has a true vintage heirloom effect. Also, the patina over time is stunning! Lastly, they have appliance pulls as well as regular knobs and pulls. We do a lot of panel-ready appliances and finding hardware that matches can be tricky!'

'My next favorite source is Classic Brass. The reason why is in the name – they're classic. The forms and finishes are timeless and they even offer some custom hardware options, like their cremone hardware, which we're using in a project currently!'

'Last but not least is Rejuvenation – gorgeous hardware for an unbeatable price! I love that they offer an unlacquered brass option, because many times when you are on a budget you have to sacrifice a living finish and go with a brushed or satin brass.' 

10. Hamilton Sinker

White modern kitchen with silver hardware

(Image credit: Vani Sayeed Studio)

Vani Sayeed founder of Vani Sayeed Studios an award-winning design collective based in Newton, Massachusetts

'Hamilton Sinker is my go-to hardware brand. Their quality and designs are exceptional, with the option of custom design for our discerning clients and not to mention the fabulous variety of finishes in their repertoire. Sometimes when we are in a rush, we will also specify Top Knobs, the product is almost always in stock and well-priced.'

11. Anthropologie

Dark blue kitchen with statement hardware

(Image credit: Enviable Designs)

Victoria McKenney founder of Enviable Designs

'There are several places I love to source kitchen hardware from both locally and globally! Anthropologie has some really whimsical pieces that can add a sense of fun and humor to any room.'

'Locally, I love Bradford Hardware – they sell a wide range of different brands including customizable pieces. And the best splurge-worthy hardware… San Diego Hardware. I am in love with these calacatta viola knobs which would add serious drama to any millwork design!'

12. House of Antique Hardware

Kitchen hood painted in dark blue with storage

(Image credit: Clarity NW)

Shelagh Conway principal and founder of Triple Heart Design

'Kitchen hardware is like shopping for jewelry - the piece has to be just right!  We love to find unique things for our projects where we can and House of Antique Hardware is one of the places we like to shop! Having an antique look is a fun way to add personality to your kitchen.'

13. San Diego Hardware

White modern kitchen with kitchen island and black pendant lighting

(Image credit: Living with Lolo)

Lauren Lerner founder of Living with Lolo a design firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona

'We really like the San Diego Hardware Company, and we also source hardware through Ferguson because it makes it easy to order and manage procurement when we source plumbing and hardware at the same time.'

Shopping for kitchen hardware is one of the most exciting parts of a kitchen remodel, it's an element you can have fun with, switch out easily and for such a small aspect it can really change the look and feel of a kitchen. All these designer's recommendations come tried and tested, and there's a great mix of styles and prices here. Just be sure to order in samples if you are unsure before committing. 

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