Emily Henderson just shared a simple trick for hanging art – giving your gallery wall a refresh has never been easier

If you're a bit indecisive, or just want to avoid extra nails in the wall, this art-hanging hack from Emily Henderson is right up your street

A gold bar with artwork hanging off
(Image credit: Kaitlin Green / Emily Henderson Design)

A gallery wall brings artful sophistication to any space, but it involves quite a bit of decision-making. Deciding which artwork speaks to you, how to frame it and where to place it within your space isn't exactly straightforward. And sometimes, decision paralysis means that we don't hang as much artwork in our space as we'd like – prints and portraits often end up in dusty corners waiting for their turn.

Luckily, interior designer Emily Henderson just redid her home's entryway – a space that plays a large role in 'setting the tone' for a house, she says. Aside from a lovely wooden bench, an expansive window letting in gorgeous natural light and an intricately woven rug, Emily has also included a genius trick for decorating with art – and swapping it out with the seasons – in the first room of her home. So, if you're feeling indecisive about your artwork, tune in: this is how to get the look in your own home.

Emily's trick for hanging (and swapping out) her entryway artwork

The art you hang in your home doesn't need to be permanent, and Emily's simple hack for how to display art proves it. Here's how Emily mastered the look in her own home, and how you can do the same – no matter which art you choose.

An entryway bench with a small gallery wall hanging above

(Image credit: Kaitlin Green / Emily Henderson Design)

Hanging a small gallery wall in your entryway is an easy way to display your home's personality right away, greeting guests with character and charm. But arranging a thoughtful display is more difficult than it seems. By instead hanging a gold-colored rod to the wall above a cozy entryway bench, then hooking individual pieces of art onto the rod via thin chains, Emily achieves a layered look that can easily be swapped out depending on the season or occasion – or simply on a whim.

'Since our home is over 100 years old I wanted to make sure I included some vintage-looking decor. That was one reason why I chose this gallery rail. The other reason is that I’m a stylist who loves playing with things like art, so this option allows me to change it up without adding any additional holes into my wallpapered wall,' Emily tells H&G.

Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is Emily Henderson is a stylist, interior designer, HGTV host, and founder of Emily Henderson Design which she's been running for over a decade. Emily provides us with style inspiration every day over on her Instagram, and her blog is a great source of ideas for DIYs and making the most of your space. 

A gold bar hanging, holding a small gallery wall of artwork

(Image credit: Kaitlin Green / Emily Henderson Design)

Emily admits that she doesn't swap out her artwork that often, but says she loves having the option: 'When I have, it makes the space feel fresh. I did also switch the art for a beautiful wreath for the holidays last year which the whole family loved,' she says.

Pictured above, a previous rendition of the space features a few extra pieces, proving the gallery wall's ability to take on a maximalist or more pared-back look. The sleek gold bar contrasts beautifully with the textured, white walls, and draws the eye upward toward the high, airy ceilings.

A gallery wall hanging in an entryway

(Image credit: Kaitlin Green / Emily Henderson Design)

If you love the idea of removable, customizable artwork that won't damage your walls but aren't sure if your home could do with a built-in bar for hanging art, Emily says there are so many options that'll ensure easy swaps.

'Things like removable adhesive hooks are great but can only hold a certain amount of weight so be careful! There’s also the option of a picture ledge so you can lean your art against your wall and switch the pieces out to your heart’s desire,' she tells H&G.

Emily's genius art-hanging ideas prove that arranging art doesn't have to be a long-term commitment. Fashion a gallery wall but leave yourself room to breathe by following Emily's lead – your home will be the perfect mix of museum-like and homey in an instant!

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