5 entryway staging tricks to sell your home fast – according to estate agents

The secret to a sale may be found in the first room of the home – here are 5 things that potential buyers notice

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The question of the best ways to add value to your home remains ever provocative – whether you're selling your property or not. And while certain paint colors, decor pieces, and plants are all thought to improve a house's chances on the market – real estate experts are in agreement that one space in particular sets an impression on buyers: the entryway.  

Accentuating the best of your entryway is therefore essential to selling your home, but where do the experts recommend starting? These realtor-approved entryway ideas are the best place to begin. 

5 entryway staging tricks – favored by real estate agents

From decluttering, to the right hallway lighting ideas – this is how to make a memorable first impression – for all the right reasons. 

1. Decluttering

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According to Carolyn Gagnon, a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Compass in NYC, the first step to staging an entryway is decluttering. She urges you to get rid of 'anything and everything that makes the space feel smaller' and remove anything too personal (such as mementos and photos) as they can detach potential buyers. 

'Be sure not to clutter the entry, keep it simple and inviting,' adds Jo Ann Bauer, a  Realtor, Certified Property Stager at Coldwell Banker Realty, Scottsdale AZ. 'Utilize furniture pieces that not only provide aesthetic appeal but also provide function, such as a sitting bench with cubbies and baskets for storage or a side table that not only creates a statement but serves as a drop station,' Jo adds. 

2. Elevate your lighting

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'Lighting is always an easy lift that can make all the difference. The right light fixture can add the house vibe you are seeking in presentation style, and the right lighting always achieves that warm and inviting effect,' Carolyn says. 

To emphasize your lighting further, she recommends learning how to stage your home with mirrors that will accentuate the light and make your entryway feel bigger.

Similarly, Jo suggests adding a tabletop or standing lamp that compliments the overall design of your home before adding a mirror for a size-enhancing effect. 

3. Use mirrors strategically

Hallway mirror ideas

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As the agents suggest, decorating with mirrors has its benefits when staging an entryway – but as Tate Kelly, an  Associate Real Estate Broker with Compass in NYC suggests, their benefits don't end there. 

'Adding some sort of well-placed mirror in the entryway can be a simple and subtle addition,' he begins. '[It] could be my imagination, but sometimes I think when I bring a buyer to a new home and there is a mirror near the entryway, if they see themselves in the reflection, they can picture themselves coming home in that specific property.'

According to the agent, this simple trick gives people a positive feeling immediately as they enter through the front door.

4.  Upgrade the front door 

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An entryway is the first room that all potential buyers see when visiting a home, but as Denver-based realtor Shaun Martin explains, creating the right first impression begins even before you enter the home. 

'The first thing potential buyers will see when they come to your home is the front door,' he says. 'Make sure it looks welcoming by giving it a fresh coat of paint or replacing it entirely if necessary. You can also add new hardware to give it an updated look.' And if you live in an area with particularly bad weather, you may want to upgrade to a storm door that will continue to impress throughout the seasons. 

5. Prioritize storage 

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'One of the things potential buyers are looking for in a home is storage. If your entryway doesn't have any built-in storage, now is the time to add some,' Shaun says. 

And the changes don't need to involve a large investment. ' A simple coat rack or storage bench can make a world of difference,' the realtor explains. 'You can also add some shelves to store things like umbrellas, shoes, or hats. If you have the space, adding a closet is always a good idea. Even if it's just a small one, it will give potential buyers the impression that there is plenty of storage space in the home.'

Storage will help to elevate your entryway, reducing cutting and allowing you to focus on what looks good in an entryway instead.

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