This transformative fixture tip will quickly upgrade any room, according to HGTV's Jenn Todryk

The No Demo Reno star is the master of redesign without any major demolition – and this seemingly small change is one of her secrets

Jenn Todryk
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As the star of HGTV's No Demo Reno, Jenn Todryk is an expert in precisely that: renovating without any major demolition. With her role comes an inevitable understanding of the power that seemingly small changes have on a home – and this begins with upgrading fixtures that might otherwise be forgotten. Making smaller, more considered switches to your space is the best way to embrace ever-changing interior design trends and upgrade rooms without the need for a total overhaul. 

'On my show, I often talk about changing all the things that are holding your doors and windows in place,' Jenn says in an exclusive interview with H&G.

'Sometimes, these fixtures can make a home feel really old, but you can transform it quickly by picking up something new online. I got my doorknobs online on Amazon, and that's a great place to start because there are so many different price points.' 

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While changing door knobs and handles on our windows may seem subtle, Jenn suggests they set the tone for our whole home. This includes our front door handle – the first accessory people will see – making it (arguably) the most important of all. However, back inside the home, Jenn also recommends investing in soft furnishings that will quickly upgrade any space. 

'Alongside fixtures, new furnishings, even if it's just a throw or some pillows, can instantly create a cleaner look,' she says. 'Or, on a larger scale, if you replace a big old couch with a fresh alternative, the space will feel instantly more elevated.' 

'Start with the areas where you spend most of your time because this is where you'll get the maximum enjoyment out of even the smallest changes. The most important thing about our homes is that we love spending time there, whether that involves hosting people or enjoying solo time.'

Jenn Todryk
Jenn Todryk

Jenn Todryk is the creator and owner of The Rambling Redhead, a blog focused on a mom sharing her life on the internet. She has a love for home decorating, which led to her show, No Demo Reno, on HGTV. She shares her home with her husband, Mike, and owns a local coffee shop, Armor Coffee, located in Allen, Texas.

Jenn Todryk

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As Jenn explains, larger-scale renovations are not always possible, but upgrading simple things like our door knobs, handles, cushions, and throws can make a surprisingly big difference. 

'Our homes are a representation of us in another form, so you want to feel proud and comfortable while there. With this in mind, I would begin in places like the living room or kitchen, where you can add new textiles (mostly in the living room) or unique fixtures that will really spruce up and modernize the space.' 

For a beautiful starting point, we particularly love these textiles that we think will impress in every home. 

While extensive renovations will always be transformative, Jenn's tips remind us that it's possible to upgrade our homes without sacrificing significant time or cost. Small fixtures and accessories are more influential than we may initially give them credit for – but this is our time to make those small investments and create a space that further represents ourselves. 

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