What is the Feng Shui wealth corner and can it make you rich? Feng Shui experts explain

Feng Shui experts explain the intricacies of the wealth corner and how it can benefit you

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If you have heard about Feng Shui then the chances are you have heard about the Feng Shui wealth corner. 

When looking at the meaning of Feng Shui, it is important to note that it is more a belief system than a surefire way to increase your wealth. Activating the wealth corner (or money corner) of your space based on the Bagua map is a way of channeling your focus and energy on increasing your prosperity. 

Here, Feng Shui experts have decoded the wealth corner and explained how to create good energy in your home to increase your prosperity. 

What is the Feng Shui wealth corner?

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Despite its name, the Feng Shui wealth corner is not a mysterious corner of your home with money hidden under the floorboards. Instead, the wealth corner is a section on the Bagua map that is believed to help channel positive energies to your prosperity and fortune. 

'The Feng Shui wealth corner, also known as the "wealth and prosperity" area, is one of the most important aspects of feng shui for attracting wealth and abundance into your life,' explains Feng Shui expert Johanna Aúgusta. 'This area is typically located in the far right corner of any room. Its strong energy vibrations are said to promote financial success, opportunities for material wealth, and overall abundance.  

'The Feng Shui wealth corner can be found in many different locations within your home, depending on the specific layout of your space. Some common examples include the far right corner of your living room ideas or feng shui bedroom layout or a wall angled toward your house door,' she explains.

What to put in the Feng Shui wealth corner

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Often in Feng Shui, the most important aspect is achieving good feng shui furniture placement. After this, it is mostly about selecting the right decorative items to channel positive energies and increase your mood. Just like using Feng Shui in a bedroom for good luck, picking the right objects can make all the difference. 

'To take full advantage of the Feng Shui wealth corner, it is important to place objects there that symbolize abundances – such as crystals, lucky charms, candles, or other objects that make you feel positive and motivated,' Johanna explains. 'You may also want to incorporate a vision board or other visual representation of your goals and be sure to regularly engage in activities like meditation or positive affirmations that can help you tap into the energy of this powerful space.

'With time and practice, you may find that the Feng Shui wealth corner helps you get rich in every sense of the word – financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually,' Johanna adds.

It is a good idea to take stock of what is currently in your wealth corner before adding to it. Make sure that you remove any broken things and either repair them or dispose of them, for example. You may also wish to add some positive Feng Shui plants to the corner, objects associated with the wood element, or water-inspired decor that can help invite growth and prosperity. Likewise, decorating with blue and green colors can channel growth. 

If you decide to add crystals to your decor, consider picking amethyst, or even simply decorating with purple, which is thought to activate wealth and abundance in both your finances and your spirit. 

Feng Shui wealth corners and money

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The primary question around the Feng Shui wealth corner surrounds whether or not the wealth corner can help make you rich. It is important to note that this is not the main focus of Feng Shui, however, the practice is more about mindfulness and good practice (often going hand in hand with the mindfulness aspect of slow-living homes) than trying to make rapid gains. This is not to say that it has no impact at all, however. 

'While some people may doubt the effectiveness of the Feng Shui wealth corner, many experts in feng shui and other areas of metaphysics believe that it can indeed help you attract wealth and abundance,' Johanna says. 'This is because this area promotes energy flow and circulation, which are key ingredients for attracting positive energy and bringing good luck into your life.

'This is also where the Law of Attraction comes in,' she notes, 'the more you focus on your goals and actively visualize yourself achieving them, the more likely you will do so.'

How do you attract wealth in Feng Shui?

One way of attracting positive energy for wealth in your home is to add plants and elements of water throughout the space – with a focus on placing these things in the wealth corner of your home. 

In Feng Shui, it is believed that the vibrant life sources of plants, flowers, and water stimulate property and good energy. Consider using Lucky Bamboo or a Money Tree to channel wealth too. 

What represents wealth in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, the Chinese symbol of the money frog is thought to represent wealth. Using this symbol in the home through decor or art is believed to increase abundance and invite prosperity and wealth into the home. As well as being connected to wealth, the Money Frog is also believed to be connected to longevity and wisdom, too.  

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