deVOL’s creative director says these features are key to creating the brand's iconic transitional style

The modern rustic look works wonderfully in a kitchen, and deVOL's Helen Parker is a pro at blending the contrasting styles. Here are some design features she keeps an eye on

Three modern rustic kitchens with neutral color palettes designed by deVOL
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The modern rustic style has proven to be timeless, blending nature-inspired, rural charm with sleek, streamlined modern features. And there's no better place than the kitchen to get the look down. With a light, airy color palette, earthy textures, and a touch of vintage character, a modern rustic kitchen is warm and inviting to all.

Luckily, deVOL's classic cupboards and kitchen accessories make achieving the modern rustic style quite simple. The brand's thoughtfully made range of cabinetry and hardware bring historic English influence and modern-day functionality together with ease – and there's something for every style. 

If you're loving the modern rustic kitchen look but don't know where to start, Helen Parker, creative director of deVOL, shared the key features that lead to a tasteful blend of modern and rustic in a kitchen setting. This is how she achieves the stunning look.

deVOL's top tips on achieving a modern rustic style

A white and gray modern rustic kitchen sink and cabinets designed by deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

The key to achieving the modern rustic look in a kitchen is keeping the foundation 'light and bright,' and making intentional choices about your space, says Helen. By sticking with a pared-back color scheme and introducing darker shades in small doses, you'll avoid overdoing the farmhouse kitchen side of this style.

'Don’t overdo the styling or add patterns and too much color. Vintage can often be eclectic and bohemian, but for a modern rustic look, I would focus on keeping each addition to the room well-considered and thoughtfully chosen,' she says.

Modern rustic kitchen colors often lean neutral and earthy, picking up on natural hues and textures. Helen says that whether you're choosing a shade for the wall or a small appliance, lighter colors tend to work best.

'Keep your color palette very simple and avoid splashes of bright colors. If you want moody then still keep it natural and soft,' she says.

Helen Parker portrait
Helen Parker

Helen is the Creative Director at deVOL, a leading kitchen design company that mixes classic and contemporary. Helen has been creative director at the company since 2011, passionate about the signature understated approach deVOL takes to designing kitchens.

A white kitchen with warm wooden cabinetry designed by deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

That's not to say modern rustic kitchens have to be devoid of bright, bold color – if you're intentional about the hues you choose, and balance them appropriately, you'll be left with the perfect mix.

'Space and light are very important. If you add touches of darker shades, then balance them with brighter colors – not too contrasting, just a lighter shade to keep an overall feeling of calm,' says Helen.

Helen says pairing rustic features with a wide-open, airy interior is an easy route to a modern rustic space without too much trouble. But if your kitchen isn't full of empty space, the most important rule is keeping the space you do have clutter-free and minimalistic: 'Minimal styling and accessories will make even a small room feel more modern and clean,' she says.

A wooden kitchen designed by deVOL with vintage lighting

(Image credit: deVOL)

Getting the kitchen cabinetry right is of the utmost importance when creating a modern rustic kitchen, and deVOL's wide range of classic cupboards all have the potential to fit the bill. The brand tends to stay away from ornate, intricate molding – leaning more on the minimalist side – so many of its products achieve the pared-back look that Helen says works best in a modern rustic space.

'I would keep the main kitchen cupboards fresh and new and simple, with perhaps the exception of a vintage or industrial-style pantry. The accessories can be a mix but don’t overdo one look over the other,' she says.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, Helen suggests keeping things simple once again. Creamware or milk glass 'with delicate fittings and natural-colored flexes' work beautifully within a modern rustic kitchen, Helen says. Generally, she cautions against anything 'too wow or bold.'

A blue and wood modern rustic kitchen designed by deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

The rustic side of this blended look is easily achieved through textural accents, which bring depth and visual interest to an otherwise modern space. Helen suggests rough wood, old floorboards and handmade crockery to bring vintage charm to the kitchen.

'They can be new or old, but the key is that they look natural and handmade. Products like concrete and steel are a good addition, not too much or you will lose the rustic element,' she says.

When accessorizing your kitchen, try to stow away space for small appliances and utensils, as you'll want to keep the minimalistic look throughout the entire space. Simple cupboards or neat shelving both do the trick without serious renovation, says Helen. She suggests avoiding colorful or fancy appliances, and only bringing in industrial-style appliances if you're looking to up the modern appeal of your space.

A gray and white kitchen with deVOL cabinetry, designed by Ellei Home

(Image credit: Ellei Home)

If you're on the lookout for specific pieces that will bring your modern rustic room to life, Helen says deVOL 'sells so many products that fit into this aesthetic.' She suggests the Creamware Lights and Porcelain Lights to illuminate your space, and adds that the Shaker Table and Helen's Stools help to bring the look out to the dining room.

The deVOL Kitchen; Paul O'Leary, Robin McLellan, Helen Parker |  From $34.49/£30.38 on Amazon

The deVOL Kitchen; Paul O'Leary, Robin McLellan, Helen Parker |  From $34.49/£30.38 on Amazon

If you are looking for kitchen tips, whether you are starting from scratch or want to update your current space, this book is filled with gorgeous projects and ideas to help.

With Helen's tips in mind, achieving a modern rustic kitchen is simple, and not just reserved for design experts. Keep a minimalistic, neutral base and layer on earthy textures to find the perfect blend yourself.

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