Interior designers share their favorite kitchen hardware trends for 2024 – for a small but impactful upgrade

From traditional to minimalist, these are the most-loved hardware trends

Kitchen hardware ideas
(Image credit: Summer Thornton, Brittney Ferguson Interiors/Michael Hunter, Julie Soefer)

Although a fairly small detail, your choice of kitchen hardware can be an important decor decision. With the right hardware, you can add design interest to your kitchen and tie together the whole scheme. 

We're exploring what the top kitchen hardware trends are for 2024, according to interior designers. Whether your kitchen is traditional or farmhouse, there are lots of styles to suit different spaces, making for a simple yet impactful upgrade.

Among other kitchen trends, this year, designers are embracing natural materials as well as styles that are inspired by classical designs to make a subtle design statement in the heart of the home.  

Below, we've rounded up eight of the top kitchen hardware trends for 2024 to give you some home decor inspiration. We've also included a selection of our favorite hardware options for you to shop if you're looking to make this cost-effective upgrade. 

1. Minimalist styles

accent colors for a white kitchen, white kitchen with black countertop, dark sage green units, large wood table, wooden floorboards, shutters at window

(Image credit: deVOL Kitchens)

'When it comes to kitchen hardware trends for 2024, there is a noticeable shift towards minimalist elegance,' explains interior designer Shalini Misra. 'Think clean lines, sleek surfaces, and seamless, integrated finger pulls for an uncluttered finish.'

For both minimalist kitchens and modern kitchens, opting for sleek, unfussy hardware options can be a great choice, blending seamlessly with the rest of the room's decor, rather than distracting from it. Interior designer Meredith Owen also sees minimal hardware as a key trend this year, adding: 'I love using minimalistic hardware, this looks great in a modern kitchen and lets the focus stay on the overall design.'

2. Natural materials

Wooden kitchen with marble splashback

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

A focus on natural materials is a wider interior design trend this year, so it's no surprise to see this reflected in kitchen hardware options too. 'Wood, copper, and brass materials are emerging as favorites for their ability to echo and celebrate the beauty of the natural world,' explains Shalini Misra. 'These materials create a warming, cozy, and inviting space.’

Designer Luis Carmona, founder of VERDE Interior Design also sees natural options taking precedence as a kitchen hardware option this year. He adds that these are a great way to warm up an otherwise cool-toned kitchen: 'The use of natural materials like leather adds an element of warmth to a space that is often colder due to its stainless steel appliances, tiles, and kitchen countertops.'

3. Mixed metals

modern wood finish kitchen with mix metal finishes

(Image credit: Neptune)

'Mixed Metals is one of my top favorite trends of the year,' says Dara Segbefia, founder and lead designer at LA-based The Zen Experience. 'I am currently loving how chrome and matte black work so well together. Also mixing brass and copper is timeless and sleek.'

Laura Chappetto, owner and lead designer at Element Design Network also sees mixing different metals as a kitchen trend for 2024, and explains how to embrace this stylishly: 'Stick with all matte or brushed finishes or all polished finishes for a fool-proof way to mix and match without being worried you’re picking something that won’t pair well together.'

4. A return to traditional

Modern farmhouse kitchen island with large shelves on either end

(Image credit: deVOL)

Designers say that we're seeing a return to classic hardware options this year, ideal for traditional kitchens. 'Our favorite kitchen hardware trend for 2024 is the return of classic hardware selections and we are talking very traditional classics,' says Nina Grauer, designer and founding partner at Dekay & Tate. 'For so long we’ve seen minimalistic kitchens with no hardware, so it’s great to see the return of hardware in general.'

Classic hardware can be silver or chrome, as shown above in a deVOL kitchen. Or, for a more antiqued look, unlacquered brass is a timeless choice too. Interior designer Melinda Trembly of Rincon Rd adds: 'I'm still a huge unlacquered brass fan, it's an old world classic that will never go out of style.'

5. Vintage-inspired, statement designs

Mix and match kitchen cabinet with marble counter and wood cabinet

(Image credit: Summer Thornton)

In 2024, hardware is also being used to make more of a design statement in the kitchen, particularly with large vintage styles, as pictured above. 'We say hardware is the perfect place in the kitchen to do something unexpected,' says Susan Yeley, creative director and owner and the Indiana-based design firm, Susan Yeley Homes. '2024 is the year for pulls that are vintage or have interesting shapes and contrasting colors.'

Interior designer Tyson Ness, founder of NYC-based Studio Ness agrees, explaining that refreshing the hardware can be a simple yet effective way to elevate the room: 'Kitchen hardware is a great way to update a kitchen without a full-blown renovation. I am anticipating more unique and jewelry-like hardware in a kitchen, as it adds some real personality than the builder-grade linear pulls we are used to seeing.'

6. Handcrafted shapes and surfaces

metallic kitchen

(Image credit: Christopher Horwood)

Another kitchen hardware trend we're expecting to see more of this year is handcrafted shapes and finishes. This adds an organic, tactile element to a kitchen and provides more interest than typical sleek finishes. 

'This year's kitchen hardware trend is all about embracing handcrafted pieces like hammered and brushed finishes on knobs and pulls,' explains interior designer Soledad Alzaga. 'These textures add a customized touch to any kitchen.'

Faceted hardware is another style that creates a similar overall effect, as designer Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors explains: 'We are loving hardware with faceted surfaces because of the brilliance that is created when the light gets refracted or bounced off of the varying angles. The scattering of light creates highlights and shadows, giving the hardware a sense of depth and dimensionality.'

7. Backplates

black kitchen cabinets with gold hardware

(Image credit: Brittney Ferguson Interiors, Michael Hunter)

The final kitchen hardware we're anticipating seeing a lot more of this year is adding backplates. As pictured above in a kitchen designed by Brittney Ferguson Interiors, backplates allow cabinet handles to make more of a statement for an added point of interest. Brittney Ferguson, owner and lead designer adds: 'My favorite kitchen hardware trend in 2024 is backplates. I love dressing up round basic knobs and pulls with backplates. It can elevate basic cabinetry into a custom, curated kitchen or bar.'

Since changing kitchen hardware is a fairly simple home decor upgrade, you can easily swap them out over time if you fancy a change. It's a great opportunity to experiment with different styles to discover what best suits your space. 

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