Kitchen tile trends 2024 – these are the looks designers are loving (there's a mix of classic designs and fresh patterns)

These are the kitchen tile trends that are set to grow in 2024, from refreshing takes on subway tile to bold, geometric patterns

kitchen tile trends
(Image credit: Brett Beyer / Ben Herzog Architect; Meagan Larsen Photography / Andrea West Design; Natalia Robert / Blythe Interiors)

Tile will always be a go-to when it comes to the kitchen, making the perfect backsplash or flooring material in any space. But design trends come and go, and tile has the potential to leave your kitchen feeling old-school and outdated. Popular colors, materials and layouts shift over time, and you don't want to be left in the dust – keeping this important space up to date is vital.

To get a better sense of what's new in the world of kitchen tiles, we spoke to interior designers – and they shared their secrets. These are the top 10 kitchen tile trends that interior designers say are all the rage for 2024. Whether you prefer bold colors, geometric shapes or something a bit more sustainable, there's truly an option for everyone. Here's what the experts had to say.

Some of the classics will never fade from popularity, but there are plenty of new designs and materials on the kitchen tile scene for 2024. Here's the rundown of designers' favorite colors, shapes, and more.

1. Handmade and artisan tiles

A kitchen with white textured tile backsplash

(Image credit: Meagan Larsen Photography / Andrea West Design)

Handmade, artisan tiles are on the rise for 2024, say designers, bringing a mix of charm and organic character to any kitchen space. Whether in traditional or more earthy color schemes, these tiles bring a 'textural and handmade look' to backsplash or flooring. In this kitchen, black-and-white tiles with vertical 3D ridges add visual interest to a classic white kitchen.

'We are seeing the trend of gravitating to more organic and natural finishes, and having this handmade and textural tile in your kitchen helps add more warmth to your space,' says Andrea West, interior designer and owner of Andrea West Design.

Arezoo Shafizadeh, senior interior designer for New York City-based Ben Herzog Architect, says this push towards handcrafted tile reflects a larger desire for more sustainable materials and design schemes. She adds that clients she's worked with recently have been 'gravitating towards materials that have a natural look and authenticity.'

'When it comes to kitchen backsplashes, creamy white tiles, warm neutrals, and muted colors pair beautifully and organically with green kitchen cabinets that are very popular right now. Tiles that have a handmade quality and materials that evoke warmth are making a resurgence,' says Arezoo.

'The resurgence of artisanal craftmanship' is set to influence the world of kitchen tiles too, says Niko Rasides, Design Director at Nicholas Anthony. Each handmade tile is unique, 'with imperfect edges and subtle variations in color and texture,' but this only adds a level of 'authenticity and warmth' that's often missing from all-modern kitchens, he adds.

'These artisanal touches evoke a sense of nostalgia while adding a touch of individuality and charm to kitchen spaces,' says Niko.

2. Slab stone tiles

A kitchen with slab marble backsplash

(Image credit: Meagan Larsen Photography / Andrea West Design)

Though natural stone has often been considered a substitute for classic tile backsplash in kitchen designs, designers say slab or stone tiles are set to be big in 2024. Andrea says she's 'loving the all slab look in kitchens' and expects the trend will only grow from here.

'We love using a natural stone that has a beautiful veining and carry this same material onto the backsplash. This makes for a seamless and elevated look, and makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze!' she says.

Trish Knight, co-founder and designer at Vancouver-based Knight Varga Interiors, agrees, saying the combination of slab and tile adds character – and doesn't require extra cleaning.

'For maximum impact, this works best with either no upper cabinets or just floating shelves, so there is more open wall space,' says Trish.

'I think a natural stone slab (or man-made lookalikes) will continue strong through 2024. I am a big fan of marble – it brings a personal and uniqueness to an interior. Natural stone is an undeniable way to inject personality into a space, and truly is like art,' adds Jessica Cinnamon, interior designer and founder of Jessica Cinnamon Design.

3. Sustainable, eco-friendly designs

A kitchen with yellow cabinets, a white oven and stacks of cookbooks on the counters

(Image credit: Future)

Whether you're into sleek, shiny classics or more earthy, organic color schemes, one common thread for 2024 is sustainable kitchen design – and the kitchen tiles are no exception. Niko says that 'sustainable and eco-friendly materials will continue to gain traction in kitchen design' throughout the year and beyond.

'Tiles made from recycled materials or natural elements like cork and bamboo will be highly sought after, reflecting a growing commitment to environmental responsibility in interior design. These eco-conscious choices not only contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle but also lend a unique and organic aesthetic to kitchen spaces,' he says.

Designer Nataly Bolshakovaagrees, 'In my observation, we're seeing a rise in nature-inspired and wood-effect decorative tiles, adding a warm and sophisticated ambiance to any space. Additionally, modern and minimalist stone or cement tiles are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Furthermore, there's a growing emphasis on sustainability in tile design, with reused and recycled tiles becoming sought-after for their ability to incorporate local history and heritage into decor.'

4. Intricate textures

A kitchen with dark blue cabinetry and textured white backsplash tiles

(Image credit: Natalia Robert / Blythe Interiors)

'Heavily textured tiles add so much organic movement to a room! 3D tiles easily become a conversation piece and bring so much character!' says Jennifer Verruto, founder and CEO of San Diego-based Blythe Interiors.

In this kitchen, 3D hexagonal tiles bring visual interest to a modern kitchen design, adding depth and texture despite sticking to a classic color scheme. Paired with a minimalistic island surface and solid-colored cabinetry, the vibrant white backsplash takes the space to a whole new level.

5. Zellige tiles

zellige tile backsplash in cream neutral kitchen

(Image credit: Otto Tiles)

For those looking for an organic, earthy take on tile, look no further than Zellige. Originally made by hand in Morocco, Zellige tiles are fashioned out of clay, then glazed and fired. This delicate process creates perfectly imperfect, one-of-a-kind tiles – 'no two tiles are exactly the same,' says Arezoo. She adds that she's seeing Zellige more and more, and expects them to trend in the long term.

'The beauty of these tiles comes from their unevenness and subtle color variation that embraces imperfections and is what makes Zellige tiles so uniquely lovely. Because Zellige tiles aren't uniform (and sometimes have sharp or chipped edges), they are ideal for walls and backsplashes but not recommended for floors. And because of their variation, they are difficult to install and it's essential to have a professional tile installer,' she adds.

6. A new take on subway tiles

A kitchen with green tile backsplash

(Image credit: Brett Beyer / Ben Herzog Architect)

Subway tiles have been around for ages – a classic choice for kitchen design schemes. But now, they're getting a handmade makeover, says Arezoo. In this kitchen, green subway tiles take on a high-gloss finish, and their watercolor-like wash adds visual interest to a backsplash space. Combined with wider grout lines, the look doesn't contribute to a dated look, instead layering in just a hint of nostalgia.

'Hand-pressed tiles in varying sizes, colors and shapes of the classic subway tile, installed in unconventional ways to the traditional offset horizontal, such as vertically or stacked. A take on the traditional subway tile, these newer styles are slightly more modern with a fresh arrangement,' says Arezoo.

7. Micro tiles

A kitchen with gray textured tile backsplash

(Image credit: Janis Nicolay / Knight Varga Interiors)

'Having just returned from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, the largest kitchen and bath trade show in North America, I saw a lot of small mosaic tiles with an irregular handmade look installed as full kitchen backsplashes,' says Trish.

These micro tile designs took on every material, from natural stone to recycled glass and ceramic, says Trish, and 'tight minimal grout lines' were 'tone on tone with the tile.' She suggests using a darker tile and grout or using a combination of tile and slap if smaller tiles make you nervous about cleaning the kitchen.

In this kitchen, pictured above, intricate horizontal lines of tile offer a fresh, exciting look while the kitchen sticks to a neutral color scheme. 'Using a smaller tile brings a beautiful texture and warmth to the kitchen,' adds Trish.

8. Bold, vibrant colors

A kitchen with green geometric tile backsplash

(Image credit: Nicholas Anthony)

'In 2024, we anticipate a surge in the popularity of bold and vibrant kitchen tile designs. Expect to see homeowners embracing daring patterns and vivid colors to inject personality and energy into their spaces. From geometric shapes to intricate mosaic designs, tiles will become a focal point, adding visual interest and character to kitchen walls and floors,' says Niko.

Your kitchen tiles won't be a backdrop in 2024, instead making a statement on their own. In this kitchen, pictured above, green and blue patterned tiles blend the backsplash design with the rest of the kitchen, which features bold green cabinetry and natural marble accents. Jennifer agrees that bold kitchen tiles are back, noting that this marks a departure from pandemic-era 'white, monochromatic and minimal designs.'

'Color drenching, rich textures and invigorating patterns, like bold tiles, are taking center stage. While bold design choices are being made, they’re still being balanced with simplicity and a dose of minimalism that creates harmonious and exciting spaces,' she says.

9. Deep, rich hues

Dark blue kitchen with red island

(Image credit: Brooke Copp-Barton)

Deep, rich hues that bring a calming, inviting atmosphere to the kitchen space are also in, taking over kitchen cabinet color trends, but also making their way to the kitchen tiles. And dark blue and dark green kitchens are all the rage at the moment. Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of New York City-based Arsight, says the trending shades include 'navy blue, forest green and burnt orange. The complex colors, darken and turn the kitchen into a central functional and cozy place,' 

10. Geometric shapes

teal kitchen with dark wood accents and a geometric tile backsplash

(Image credit: MODTAGE Design)

'Hexagons, chevrons, and Moroccan-style shapes create captivating kitchens. Such patterns oppose minimalistic features to give the space character and points that attract the eyes, and in this manner, they balance the bold with the overall design of the space,' adds Artem.

These eye-catching geometric shapes are making waves in bathroom floor tile trends too, making an impact in any space. Combined with bold colors and layouts, they offer endless opportunities to express your personality and unique design preferences in the kitchen.

Keeping an eye on the trends doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your personal design style – with these 10 choices, there's truly something for every homeowner. Give your kitchen a refresh with bold design or subtle, organic goodness. After all, your cooking space should feel just right for you.

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