5 designs that prove outdoor shower tiles are a must-have feature

Outdoor shower tiles are as pretty as they are functional – and these designs prove they complete any scheme

Outdoor shower tiles
(Image credit: Fireclay Tile & Janice Camp & Andres Garcia Lachner/Ca' Pietra/Otto Tiles & Cat Wickins)

If you're thinking of adding a shower to your backyard or even redesigning an existing space, outdoor shower tiles should be at the top of your list of design elements. Offering both practical and visually appealing benefits, tiles will add style and personality to your alfresco wash space.

Outdoor showers and bathrooms have become increasingly popular in recent years. Once a luxury you'd expect to find at vacation villas in tropical destinations, they're now commonplace in homes in California, Florida, and beyond.

In outdoor showers big and small, luxurious and basic, tiles are a must-have, creating a watertight scheme that showcases your design style. Here, design experts share their go-to outdoor shower tile designs that blend style and durability seamlessly.

How to introduce outdoor shower tiles to your scheme

Gone are the days of outdoor tiles being purely functional – these outdoor shower tiles prove you can design a backyard that is as stylish as your interiors, without compromising on durability and practicality.

1. Opt for a tile that's durable and aesthetic

Outdoor shower with

(Image credit: Fireclay Tile/Janice Camp/Adres Garcia Lachner)

It's incredibly important that the outdoor shower tiles you choose are made for such use – durability is key if you want an outdoor shower that lasts. That said, you can still introduce tiles that are aesthetically pleasing, like this outdoor shower.

'The most important part of designing a tiled outdoor shower is selecting a material that’s up for the job. You’ll want to make sure that your tile is suited for the climate you live in – especially if your area ever reaches freezing temperatures,' explains Kali Gibson, of Fireclay Tile.

'Once you land on your material, you can lean into the fun of designing an outdoor oasis that reflects your personal style,' she adds. A fun zigzag pattern has been introduced with tiles in this outdoor shower design – it adds a lovely pop of color without feeling too stark for the natural space.

2. Opt for natural stone

Exterior natural stone shower cubical

(Image credit: Future)

Introducing tiles that are more organic and irregular is a great choice for an outdoor shower that feels harmonious with the natural surroundings. Add tiles in different sizes with varying shades for a scheme that looks as though it belongs.

This outdoor shower is a great example. The three walls that form the cubical are a mixture of slate and brick – not only are they durable for outdoor use, but they create a wonderfully natural aesthetic that seamlessly blends with its surroundings.

3. Create a maximalist scheme with patterned tiles

Covered outdoor shower with jungle themed hexagonal tiles

(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

If you're more of a maximalist, opting for patterned tiles seems like a no-brainer. Adding character and personality, you can create an instant design feature that is just as practical as it is striking.

'Tiling your outdoor shower area can take it to the next level. You can either choose to contrast your tiles with nature or embrace it with tiles that invite you into a tropical forest,' says Grazzie Wilson, head of creative at Ca’ Pietra.

'If it is the latter, choose patterns that replicate ferns and dewy leaves, along with nature-inspired color palettes,' she adds. This covered outdoor shower demonstrates how just one wall of tile can completely transform the space.

4. Make a statement with colorful outdoor shower tiles

Outdoor shower with yellow and white chequerboard tiles

(Image credit: Otto Tiles/Cat Wickins)

If you want to create a striking outdoor shower design that reflects your interior design style, tiles are a wonderful solution. Choose colors that feel cohesive with your interiors, and choose a pattern or design that works in the space you have.

'Tiles can be used to cement the scheme of your decor, whether you’re creating a contemporary outdoor shower, a rustic garden vista, or taking inspiration from motifs and hues used inside,' says Damla Turgut, founder and creative director at Otto Tiles.

This outdoor shower is a fun example, where yellow and white outdoor tiles have been introduced in a chequerboard design. The result is a bright, playful design that instantly showcases the owner's style.

5. Add tiles that complement the surrounding color palette

Outdoor bathroom with pink bathtub against green tiled wall

(Image credit: The Woods)

If you've had to add extra walls around your outdoor shower for privacy, adding tiles can make them more visually appealing as well as making them waterproof. This is a great way to add color and texture, too.

'By tiling the shower area, such as one or two walls and floor, it can also offer a level of privacy if you are overlooked, while still getting the benefits of being outside,' adds Grazzie. Opt for tile colors that reflect the natural surroundings for a cohesive scheme.

This outdoor shower is a beautiful example – green square tiles with color irregularities add a pop of natural color and interesting texture, while also making the back wall more aesthetic. Paired with a pink bath, the space feels inviting and uplifting.

Outdoor shower tiles are a must have feature – marrying function and style, they're the easiest way to introduce a watertight material and inject a sense of personality.

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