10 things you can clean with The Pink Stuff – the ‘miracle cleaning product’ that has taken the internet by storm

The internet cannot get enough of this miracle home cleaning brand – here is how to use it in your own home

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If you have any social media presence at all, then the chances are you have heard of The Pink Stuff, a miraculous cleaning product that appears to be able to clean everything in a home. And we mean everything

What started as a budget UK cleaning product has become an international sensation but the now-iconic pink packaging doesn't give many hints as to where or how it can be used. Given the sheer amount of cleaning tips we have picked up for it, however, this is likely because there simply wouldn't be enough space for them all on the back. 

Here, we break down 10 of the most popular things you can clean with The Pink Stuff products to help cleanse your home, and even your outdoor space, from top to bottom.

The Pink Stuff - Ultimate Bundle – was $31.99, Now $28.23 at Amazon

The Pink Stuff - Ultimate Bundle – was $31.99, Now $28.23 at Amazon

The Pink Stuff Ultimate Bundle - Built For Whole Home Cleaning includes one Miracle Cleaning Paste, one Multi-purpose Cleaner, one Bathroom Foam Cleaner, and one Cream Cleaner.

Things you can clean with The Pink Stuff  

As with any other home cleaning product containing commercial chemicals, always ensure your space is well-ventilated before and during use to prevent inhalation, and you use the correct protective equipment such as rubber cleaning gloves to help prevent skin irritation. 

Despite its fun bright pink packaging, The Pink Stuff should be kept out of reach of children and pets, too.

1. Freshen up tile grout in kitchens and bathrooms  

Pink tiled sink

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Learning how to clean grout is not the most entertaining pastime, but using The Pink Stuff can help speed up the cleaning process itself.  ‘Freshen up grout and tiles in the bathroom and kitchen with The Pink Stuff cleaning paste,’ says cleaning and laundry expert, Laura Mountford, ‘simply wipe on using your finger or a sponge, then use a brush to help remove the dirt and wipe clean (or I like to use my sonic scrubber which is like an electric toothbrush for cleaning).’ 

Electric Cleaning Brush – $17.99 at Amazon

Electric Cleaning Brush – $17.99 at Amazon

These powered brushes make cleaning even the smallest corners and toughest marks easier on your arms. 

2. Clear pans and dishes of burn marks 

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If you are an avid home cook then you will likely be familiar with trying to remove burnt-on food and scorch marks from the bottom of your pans. The good news is that with a little bit of elbow grease, The Pink Stuff cleaning paste can help to lift any dark marks and make cleaning a burnt pot a breeze. 

‘Revive pans and remove burnt-on food simply by rubbing The Pink Stuff paste on with a sponge and scrubbing,’ Laura Mountford advises.

3. Refresh ovens and stove tops 

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You likely know how to clean an oven already, but The Pink Stuff can make it ten times easier, says Ryan Knoll, founder of Phoenix-based cleaning company, Tidy Casa. ‘The inside of oven doors is a particularly challenging place to clean, even with the most robust oven cleaners. However, a little bit of The Pink Stuff cleans oven doors in a snap. Same with gas stove tops and grills.’ 

‘Even for the pros, these areas are super hard to clean, so having an excellent abrasive cleaner like The Pink Stuff for areas where food and grease get baked in has been a game changer!’ 

4. Use on showers and sinks to remove soap scum 

Tile shower, white sink

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Whether you are cleaning glass shower doors or scrubbing your stainless steel kitchen sink, picking the right Pink Stuff product can help make the task easier – especially if cleaning with vinegar hasn’t worked for you if you don’t care for the strong smell.

‘The Pink Stuff paste can be used to remove limescale off of taps and shower heads,’ explains Laura Mountford. ‘For shower doors or stainless steel that may be more prone to scratching, consider buffing the surfaces with a microfiber cloth and The Pink Stuff multipurpose spray to remove watermarks with ease.’ 

All Purpose Cleaning Paste – $5.97 at Amazon

All Purpose Cleaning Paste – $5.97 at Amazon

The Pink Stuff paste made cleaning easier than ever before. This paste helps save you time, space & money with longer lasting results.

5. Remove scuffs on baseboards  

Hallway with grey and white tiled floor, staircase with stair runner and large woven lampshade hanging below a coved ceiling.

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Despite being bright pink, The Pink Stuff cleaning paste can be used to clean baseboards and help restore the shine to glossy paint. Simply apply a small amount with a damp cloth and rub lightly, avoiding scrubbing too hard to prevent pulling the paint away. Once the scuffs lift, wipe with a clean damp cloth and dry thoroughly to ensure no abrasive paste is left behind.  

6. Make white shoes white again 

Organize shoes

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Washing sneakers in the washing machine may be easy, but it can often shorten the lifespan of shoes and even damage your appliance. The Pink Stuff can be used to help make white shoes look white again without the need for a full laundry cycle. ‘My all-time favorite way to use The Pink Stuff paste is to restore white trainers,’ says Laura Mountford. ‘Just wipe The Pink Stuff onto the rubber soles or white leather of the trainers with a cloth, gently scrub and then rinse and dry. I use my sonic scrubber to help remove any stubborn stains,’ she adds. 

7. Buff up outdoor furniture ready for summer

Patio area with paving, garden furniture and french doors outside a converted Victorian coachhouse

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The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is also a great option for buffing up outdoor furniture ready for summer. Suitable for metal furniture, ceramic tiles, glass, uPVC plastic, and some of the best gas grills too! Simply use a blob of paste to buff away dirt, grime, and rust before rinsing and drying to make your yard decor look brand new.  

8. Revive tired outdoor tiles and pavers 

Small garden idea with pavers

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The Pink Stuff Cream Cleaner has received internet acclaim not just for what it can do inside the house, but for yard pavers and patios too. Start by wetting the paving with warm water before pouring over The Pink Stuff cream cleaner and scrubbing with a tough bristled brush. While this method takes a little hard effort, the results are as good as a power wash – and are far less wasteful of water too. Finish by washing any remaining paste away and leaving the area to dry in the sun.  

 For this method to work its best, try to remove weeds from pavers first.  

The Miracle Cream Cleaner – $8 at Amazon

The Miracle Cream Cleaner – $8 at Amazon

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner is a versatile and effective liquid cream cleaner for virtually all kinds of hard surfaces at home. A staple product in your stash of household cleaning products, this mild-abrasive cleaner is perfect for both your indoor and outdoor cleaning needs. 

9. Rid your appliances and home fixtures of rust  

Appliance garage in a kitchen

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The Pink Stuff can remove rust from stainless steel and more.

‘Remove rust from all around your home whether it be from trash cans, toilet brushes to toasters, or even outdoors reviving your garden furniture and barbecue, all you need to do is rub on The Pink Stuff paste with a cloth and the rust will be removed easily,’ says expert cleaner Laura Mountford. 

Once finished, carefully wipe the area with water (avoiding rinsing on electrical appliances) before drying and buffing to a shine with a dry microfiber cloth.  

10. Add into laundry to remove tough stains  

A laundry room with white shelving and wicker baskets

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The Pink Stuff is not limited to your household items either, with the laundry detergents providing quick relief from tough stains on clothes and soft furnishings. What’s more, the formula is perfect for spot-treating stains before you put things in the laundry – meaning tough stains don't have to wait until wash day. All you have to do is spray a small amount of concentrated liquid on both sides of the stain and leave for no longer than five minutes before hand washing or putting it in your machine to clean.  

Where to find The Pink Stuff products in the US 

What should you not use The Pink Stuff on?  

Due to the wide range of The Pink Stuff products, there is not much you cannot use at least one of their cleaners on. As a rule of thumb, however, avoid using The Pink Stuff’s abrasive cleaners and pastes on delicate or porous materials like glass, metal, or natural stone to prevent marking or damaging the surface.  

Does The Pink Stuff remove shower mold?  

If you are looking to get rid of black mold, know that The Pink Stuff doesn’t kill shower mold, but it can be used to remove staining and marks left behind by mold once you have treated it with a specialized mold killer or white vinegar.

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