Blake Lively's handmade Halloween decor is the perfect inspiration for our spooky get-togethers

Blake Lively's inspirational Halloween crafts and bakes are just what we needed to get in the spooky spirit

Headshot of Blake Lively on a red carpet
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We have always loved Blake Lively's Instagram for its beautifully candid shots showing off the actress's comfortable home life with her husband Ryan Reynolds and three (soon to be four) children. However, this Halloween, Blake has stepped it up again, showing that her talents don't stop at acting.  

With an apology for not responding to her emails as of late, Blake posted a stunning  Instagram carousel showing off her handmade Halloween decor ideas and festive bakes that have left us desperate to try our hand at creating our own Halloween craft ideas this season.

With her floral pumpkin arrangements and perfectly painted unicorn pumpkins, this is not the first time the actress, known for her roles in The Age of Adaline and Gossip Girl has impressed us with her creative skills. With her unicorn cake made for her daughter's birthday impressing us last year too, we are starting to see a theme in the Lively-Reynolds household.

Alongside the delicious-looking pumpkin sour bread (inspired by baker Sourdough Enzo on Instagram), Blake showed off her perfect pumpkin painting ideas, almost definitely inspired by her young daughters, with not-so-spooky white and pink unicorn faces adding a fun childish touch to the otherwise traditionally scary carved fruit. 

White pumpkins seem to be a trend for the family this year. A personal favorite of outs, the very LA-inspired succulent arrangement inside a giant white pumpkin gives us the warm-seasoned Halloween inspiration we didn't know we needed. As more people lean into non-traditional Halloween pumpkin displays, such as learning how to make a pumpkin planter, Blake is leading the way with her innovative, adaptive take. 

To achieve the look, it is likely the actress used a spray adhesive to add Sphagnum moss to the top of a clean and dry pumpkin to create a natural-looking bed before using a hot glue gun or other adhesive to attach succulent cuttings and dried flowers, working from the center outwards and packing the pieces tightly together. 

It is another excellent easy no-carve pumpkin idea for a tasteful decor piece that will work equally as well for the fall period as the Halloween holiday itself. 

Her final craft is one we have seen her do in previous years, but this year she has improved the look once again. This pumpkin drinks bucket would work wonders as a Halloween table decor idea for hosting friends and family – something we know the family loves to do each holiday season. 

Using yet another white ghost pumpkin, likely a Silver Moon or Full Moon variety, the star hallowed out the interior before filling it with ice and bottles of Betty Buzz mixers (available on Amazon) which appear to be a recurring favorite of Blake's year after year. 

The addition of cinnamon sticks and apple slices elevates and balances out this year's display from her previous almost overstuffed attempt in which she joked that '[she] fought. But the ice won.'

One big takeaway from her post was just how many pumpkins the family has purchased this year, with a fall theme taking a win this year over all-out scariness as they settle in for Blake's fourth pregnancy. Pictured with a selfie outside on their patio ideas with a log fireplace, the actress beams proudly beside her crafts surrounded by several interestingly shaped pumpkins, showing how simple fall decor ideas can be.

Despite her Christmas jumper, we are certainly feeling more in a cozy festive fall mood now than before. 

Chiana Dickson
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