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Most popular Instagram interiors
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We've picked out the posts that most inspired and delighted. We hope you 'like' the 2020 best Instagram interiors on Homes & Gardens.

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July 2020

This month we are yearning for social spaces, garden shade and cool showers.

1. Sociable dining

With lockdown measure easing, it appear that we are more than ready to invite friends and family back into our homes.

2. Alfresco bathing

July's heatwave was a little too unbearable for some, with many coveting this stylish yet simple outdoor shower.

3. Shady spot

A cooling spot for relaxing, entertaining or designed purely as a retreat, will make your garden a joy to use all day long.

4. Greyscale

The modern day bathroom is all about luxury – even if that luxury only stretches to a little quiet time by yourself in this busy world. Colour has a huge impact on mood, and bathrooms have a tendency to sidestep polarizing hues in favour of pale neutrals and whites, which are refreshing and easy to live with. At the opposite end of the spectrum, darker shades of grey including slate, are also popular for creating a cocooning effect.

June 2020

This month we are coveting kitchens, colour and light-filled spaces – to help us out of lockdown blues.

1. Feeling blue

Capture a sophisticated look with this grown-up colour combination that will suit any room. Sleek and subtle, navy blue is one of the most flattering shades for walls and cabinetry. Casual and contemporary, this shade of blue will work wonders in a kitchen.

2. Let in light

An open kitchen-dining-living space offers great versatility for the way we live today. The modern kitchen is all about space. Space to cook, space to entertain and space for the whole family to gather, to chat and to just be.

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3. Clever combinations 

Combine a mixture of styles for a fresh and contemporary look in a classical property with these modern home decorating ideas. Crittall windows are hugely popular and are a fantastic way to let light into your home.

4. Colour

Deep and bright, indigo is surely the most joyful blue hue. Sitting between pure blue and violet on the colour spectrum, this intense colour is the shade of choice for designers and artists.

May 2020

This month we are daydreaming about exotic holidays, making the most of our outdoor space, however big or small, all whilst embracing the new normal that is working from home.

1. Secret garden

If you're a big foodie and host, you are going to need something substantial and likely a dedicated spot for it to live. Creating a pergola and placing a table beneath is a clever way to create an al fresco dining spot. Grow climbing plants that will provide natural shade as you are eating.

2. Sophisticated study 

Let the botanical motifs of the two-tone wallpaper in this attic study transport you to a tropical paradise.

3. Summer holiday

A romantic weekend away may seem like a distant memory, but at least we can dream, or create the setting right here in our homes.

4. Island paradise 

Now that we are spending more and more time at home, isn't it about time that we filled our spaces with all the elements that make us happy?

5. Wild encounter

Water trickling or gently flowing is the soundtrack to a relaxing summer. However small or large, a pond adds new foliage, a soothing feel and some welcome wildlife to your garden.

April 2020

This month we are making the most of our garden space with alfresco dining and fragrant florals and fauna.

1. Lavender fields 

Softly sculpted, edible and fragrant, lavender has long been used by gardeners in Britain as a decorative and productive element in all manner of garden styles.

2. Industrial inspiration 

From metal pendant lights to zinc-topped tables, there are plenty of ways to introduce an industrial note to your scheme. The key is to soften the look with well-worn accessories, shots of colour and tactile soft furnishings.

3. Go big

One of the most exciting ways to enhance our homes and introduce more natural light is by adding a glass extension. Glass is now a very sophisticated material.

4. Dream dining 

Create a welcoming room outside with comfortable furniture that is also weatherproof – even against the English summer! Dress with bright cushions and side tables in the latest seasonal colours.

5. Flower focus 

We might not be able to explore the outside world as much as we would like during quarantine, but that hasn't stopped us enjoying our gardens. Spring is finally upon us and so arrives natures' bounty.

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March 2020

As spring begins to blossom we are coveting sunlit garden rooms, inviting entrances and sunny shades.

1. Personal treasures

Adaptability and sociability were central to the brief for this Victorian property to make it suit its gregarious owners. A sentimentally for their beloved objects and curios were paramount.

2. Let there be light

A garden room is a dream for many, and if we could design our own, this is how it would look.

'I wanted an indoor-outdoor space that I could enjoy all year round,’ says interior designer Louise Bradley. A new plant-filled lightwell illuminates the basement, where she dug down to raise the ceiling heights of the new kitchen, dining area and cosy den.

3. Step inside

An inviting entrance hall is at the top of our bucket lists come spring.

Inspired by the original period architecture, as well as the stunningly beautiful surrounding twenty acres, Kenmore Hall, in its current chapter, is a pure passion project.

4. Pattern be jolly

Yellow is having a moment. This sunny shade is springing up on every wall this season, and we can certainly see why. Team this bright look with birds of paradise and plenty of flora and fauna.

5. Freestanding factor

For those seeking a more relaxed approach to kitchen design, the option of buying freestanding, rather than fitted, cabinets is proving increasingly attractive. This simple, muted design is a country-lovers dream.


February 2020

This month we were dreaming about spring, gardening and all things green, verdant and calming.

1. Larder love

Once granny’s favourite storage space, the pantry is having a widely welcomed revival, diversely catering to all our contemporary, clutter-free needs.

Today, homeowners lucky enough to have the space are turning back to the kitchen’s walk-in wardrobe, creating pantries that are bigger, all-purpose, and more luxurious than ever before.

2. Mindful garden

This garden is perfect for relaxation, meditation and occasional entertaining. The designer has managed to create year-round sensory interest in an area of deep shade.

3. Spring dreaming 

Like the hallmarks that are impressed on silver and gold so we can identify its maker, age and place of origin, each of the 600 or so varieties of snowdrops carries distinguishing characteristics that reveal its identity.

4. Pale and interesting 

If you can't make up your mind, colour-wise, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for a pure white space – and adding colour and texture with your decorating choices.

5. Go big, go bold

Colour is back in a big way for 2020. Pick a shade that will give your kitchen a vibrant lift and create a welcoming space for cooking and entertaining. Neutrals aren’t for everyone and the sizeable cost of a new kitchen shouldn’t dictate that you play it safe.

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January 2020

January saw a love for warm wood and bold colour. It seems we are a tale of two halves come 2020.

1. The wonder of wood

It is no surprise that you’ve chosen the warm and tactile nature of timber as your most-loved post this month. It is just what we need during the cold, long months.

A home is often filled with objects curated over time, and a beautiful antique ebonies cupboard becomes the showcase for all the treasures you love to live with.

2. It's all so quiet

The opportunity to relax in a cosy corner is never far from our mind.

A lovely antique waxed ebonised chest of drawers adds character to this calm, tranquil space.

3. Dream kitchen

A mix of British craftwork and Italian style strikes a vintage note.

The layout is an efficient double gallery that provides ample preparation space, room for large appliances and plenty of storage.

4. Serene green

Green is back in a big way for 2020. Art Deco and Moroccan influences join forces with impressive results in this beautiful and vibrant wet room.

5. The new classic

A clever mix of modern and classic furniture and design work well to create something truly marvellous. This simple yet stylish dining room is a work of contemporary art.

6. TLC

If you are hoping to transform a bedroom into a place for rest and relaxation, then nude, beige and taupe are the colours to choose. Warm and tactile materials will work to enhance the feeling of comfort and tranquillity.

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