The 10 most sought-after bedroom features, according to Instagram

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Instagram bedroom trends
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Find out which Instagram bedroom trends people have been following.

With more than 10.7 million #bedroom and 3 million #bedroomdecor hashtags appearing on Instagram, it’s clear many people’s private bedrooms have become very public.

Around 80 million photos are shared on Instagram every day – which is why the popular platform has become a source for interior design inspiration.

Many people have been turning online to find inspiration and transform their space into the bedroom of their dreams.

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Soak & Sleep have put together the ultimate guide to how to get the most likes from your Instagram pictures. They have analysed hundreds of the top liked Instagram photos from across the world which are trending across some of the most popular bedroom hashtags and found the most common features that will get you the most likes.

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1. White bedsheets


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Topping the list as the most popular feature is the white bed sheet. In fact, more than half of the featured beds were fitted with crisp white bed linen, helping give rooms a light-filled, spacious and open feel. By opting for a timeless colour scheme, you can rest easy knowing your sheets will never go out of date!

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2. Windows

Instagram bedroom trends

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

It might then come as no surprise that windows ranked as the second most popular feature. Just under half of the bedrooms pictured had plenty of natural light helping to lift the mood while giving your body a boost of vitamin D. To get the most out of your bedroom's natural light, keep windows unblocked by furniture, accessories or overly heavy curtains.

3. Queen-sized beds

(Image credit: David Lovatti)

They say that size doesn’t matter but when it comes to beds, it certainly does. A significant amount of the most loved Instagram bedrooms are furnished with a double size mattress or larger. A Queen sized mattress is best for most couples as it gives sleepers their own personal space to minimise disruption during the night.

4. Decorative cushions

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

They’re small but adding a few decorative cushions can have a big impact. A large selection of bedrooms featured pillows of all varieties, from small to large to bright and neutral colourings. Adding cushions can help create a cosy aesthetic feel making the room seem more inviting.

5. Wooden floors

Instagram bedroom trends

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

The age-old debate – carpet, tiles or wooden floors? According to Instagram, wooden floors are our most loved flooring for bedrooms.

6. Minimal theme

Instagram bedroom trends

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

If you’re minimalist at heart and love a clutter-free kitchen then this is the look for you. Stick to white or black accessories too, for a real style statement.

7. Throws

Instagram bedroom trends

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Ideal for bringing some color or pattern to a plain sofa, a throw can also transform a bedroom, without stretching the budget.

8. Rugs

Instagram bedroom trends

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Fashions in flooring come and go, but few floor coverings can match the vast choice of colour, pattern and texture offered by a rug.

9. White walls

(Image credit: Mel Yates)

Decorating schemes will never tire of white but an all-white scheme can make a real statement. Glamorous yet relaxed, mix up different tones of white for a fresh and airy feel.

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10. Statement headboards

(Image credit: Damian Russell)

A statement headboard can add a focal point and anchor a scheme.

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