12 standout bedroom trends you'll be seeing in 2024, according to experts and forecasters

With expert insight from a whole host of interior designers, we explore the inspiring bedroom trends that are set to influence our spaces in 2024 and beyond

Bedroom trends 2024. Green bedroom, close up of bed and side table. Black bedroom with bed, shelving and artwork. Close up of pink bedroom with bed, side table and artwork on walls.
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Designers and trend experts have shared with us their favored bedroom trends for 2024, from popular color palettes to furniture styles, lighting and more.

An important room in the home where you start and end each day, your bedroom should be a restful sanctuary of calm and comfort, as well as a joyful showcase of your style.

When planning your bedroom ideas, the classics will often remain, such as crisp, quality bedding, good accent lighting and practical clothes storage, but there will always be an array of wonderful new interior design trends to explore that can provide you with some beautiful inspiration for your sleep space.

Whether you're looking to giving your existing bedroom a much needed refresh, or are starting from scratch in a new space, our round-up of the latest bedroom trends can help you craft the perfect scheme.

1. Embrace a cozy and cocooning color palette

Brown bedroom with ochre headboard

(Image credit: Karen Knox)

Camilla Clarke, creative director at Albion Nord says, 'going into 2024, your bedroom should be the ultimate sanctuary space. Fully embrace cozy and calming colors, particularly soft blues, and deep olive greens. Pairing these shades with warm lighting will help to create feelings of restfulness and serenity.’

Calming colors do not always have to be light and bright for bedroom color ideas, sometimes these lighter colors can make a space feel a little cold. Dark, moody and earthy palettes can work just as well in creating a warming, comforting and cocooning space that helps us feel more relaxed and snug.

This chocolate brown bedroom creates a wonderfully inviting, cozy feel, with the beautiful ochre headboard, ceiling wallpaper ideas and flowing curtains creating an elegant, uplifting contrast in the space.

Camilla Clarke
Camilla Clarke

Creative director at London-based interior design firm, Albion Nord, Camilla Clarke has worked at some of London’s leading interior design practices. Clarke uses her artistic background to influence her interior designs on everything from contemporary penthouses to Georgian homes.

2. Celebrate an eclectic mix of styles

Four poster bed against wallpapered panelled wall wooden bedside table and carpeted floor.

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Charu Gandhi founder and director of Elicyon says, 'In 2024, I believe we are going to see an integration of vintage and contemporary design aesthetics to create one cohesive scheme throughout a room or home'.

From paint trends embracing a more heritage feel, to the surging popularity of upcycling second-hand finds and decorating with vintage and antiques, styling your bedroom with a mix of the old and new will create a more eclectic and unique scheme that celebrates styles of the past with designs of the present.

British Interior Designer, Matthew Williamson also supports this and says, as we venture into 2024, I imagine we will see a resurgence of antique sourcing, reclaiming, restoring and upcycling. My favorite interiors to work on are those which don’t necessarily start from scratch or have a huge budget but those which have been designed with all these aspects in play. Considering what you have already and seeing it reworked in a different way can be so rewarding, more personal, and just as effective.'

From a statement antique dresser, to more traditional patterns used across upholstery and wallpaper ideas combined with vibrant, modern paint ideas, exploring more than one style or design influence will make for a more diverse and characterful bedroom space.

Charu Gandhi
Charu Gandhi

Charu Gandhi is the founder and director of Elicyon. Charu Gandhi is a qualified Architect, registered with RIBA and ARB, who studied and taught at the Architectural Association. 

Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson is an award-winning, British interior designer known predominantly for his unique use of pattern and color. Alongside his growing residential and commercial design portfolio, Matthew has also launched a series of homeware collections in collaboration with John Lewis, Pooky, Roome London, Obeetee, and more.

3. Stylish selections of throw pillows

Blue bedroom with bed, artwork on wall

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

A stylish selection of throw pillows placed on a bed can completely change the look and feel of a bedroom.

Throw pillows can not only make a bed look and feel more cozy and comfortable, they can be a highly versatile decorating tool, too. From introducing an accent color, to enhancing a space with eye-catching print and pattern, layering different styles and sizes of cushion will continue to be an enduring bedroom trend throughout 2024.

Brad Ramsey, principal and founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors says, 'In 2024, expect to see layered collections of mismatched pillows used to style beds. As well as larger anchor pillows, smaller designs that feature beautiful patterns are also on trend for 2024 bedroom trends.'

Brad Ramsey
Brad Ramsey

Brad Ramsey landed in Nashville, TN in 1999 after leaving his Georgia roots and began his design career in 2008 at a Nashville interior design studio that went on to have its own feature television show on HGTV.  He would eventually launch his namesake firm, Brad Ramsey Interiors, in 2012. Since its formation, the BRI team has built and reimagined homes and commercial spaces around the country with their intuitive approach to design and creativity.

4. Prioritize sustainable design

White bedroom with dark blue paneling, bed with white bedding, dark wood bedside cabinet, table lamp, wall light, artwork above bed

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

More a priority for designers rather than a trend, championing sustainable interior design is more important than ever. 

As consumers, we are becoming more aware of a product's environmental credentials, and are choosing to fill our homes with investment pieces that will last, as well as designs crafted from natural, recyclable and sustainable materials, as a way to help the environment and minimize waste.

Experts from home decor brand The Citizenry share with us, 'according to our data, our top trending materials of 2022 were all natural. High-quality sustainable woods including hinoki cypress from Japan and granadillo or mahogany from Guatemala. Textured, natural materials also had peaked interest including hand-braided palm baskets and rattan and wicker furniture. We see these materials continuing to uptrend into 2023 with an addition of bold marble and unique statement stone that nods to traditional European influences.'

From the timeless use of wood, to locally handmade textiles and pre-loved furniture, there are many steps we can take in our homes to create spaces that are long-lasting and environment-friendly.

5. Statement wallpapers are here to stay

Blue bedroom with blue velvet headboard and wallpaper

(Image credit: Joanna Plant)

Bedroom wallpaper ideas are a popular choice for many; enriching a space with beautiful color, pattern and eye-catching visual interest, and it seems for 2024, the bigger and bolder, the better.

'We’re going to see wonderfully whimsical and immersive wallpapers transform rooms into escapist sanctuaries filled with mountains, temples, clouds and dense foliage,' says Ed O'Donnell, co-founder of Angel O'Donnell.

We are also starting to see the rise of more unique, textured wallpapers in the home, establishing a heightened, tactile effect, ideal for creating an enhanced feeling of comfort and texture in a bedroom.

O'Donnell goes on to say, 'densely patterned wallpapers and fabrics, nubbly wools, brushed fringes – textures will abound in 2024. Anything that beckons us to reach out and touch it, that feels good against our skin, will be top of our list.'

Angel O’Donnell
Ed O’Donnell

Co-founder of London-based interior design studio Angel O’Donnell with Richard Angel, Ed has a career in design spanning 25 years. He has crafted award-winning interiors for an exciting range of projects – everything from country mansions to Madonna’s Mayfair townhouse.

6. Use a beautiful blue palette

Blue bedroom with burgundy bedding

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

If you crave a calming atmosphere in your main bedroom in 2024 then blue – in all its variations – could be the solution. 

In our round-up of the 2024's Colors of the Year from some of our favorite paint brands, beautiful blue shades dominated the selection for upcoming paint trends, so expect to see a big rise in blue bedroom ideas across the home in 2024.

7. Layer your bedroom to perfection

Black bedroom with bed, artwork and shelving on walls

(Image credit: Lulu and Georgia)

Bedroom trends in 2024 are all about layering – whether that’s tonal variations of color on different surfaces, a mix of patterns that playfully explore a particular palette or a dynamic blend of textures. Two or three variations of each is enough to develop a richly pleasing space that is the last thing you see at night and the first thing the next day.

8. Supersize your headboard

Bedroom with large, curvaceous blue and white patterned headboard, white and blue bedding with red cushions, metal wall lamp and bedside table, view into green room with table lamp and wooden table

(Image credit: Nicola Harding)

Grand, super-sized headboard ideas have been a thing for a while now but the style is evolving for 2024. Colorful matt patterns have replaced glossy monotonal textures and shapes have become more complex. The rectangle has been superseded by curves and free-form asymmetrical pieces that are almost pieces of art in their own right. Find an upholsterer with headboard experience and discuss your ideas for shapes, sizes and fabrics before you make the order.

'With the rise of the boutique hotel and its trending look in residential design, the headboard has become a brilliant focal point in bedroom decor. Look to the Firmdale Hotels for inspiration on using brave color and pattern, and have fun coordinating your headboard with a wallpaper or throw. Don’t be afraid to choose a more outlandish style, as this only adds more character,' says designer, Martin Waller from Andrew Martin.

Martin Waller
Martin Waller

Martin Waller is the founder of the London-based, luxury furniture retailer, Andrew Martin, which sells everything from beautiful sofas and lighting to fabrics, rugs, and more. Waller has been involved with design projects all over the world, with many of his designs influenced by his international adventures.

9. Adorn the room with decorative, personal touches

Cozy bedroom with artwork on walls

(Image credit: Joshua Smith, Allyson Lubow)

A bedroom is perhaps the most private and intimate space in the home, somewhere you can truly relax and be yourself. Art, then, is particularly significant here. 

Your chosen artworks can be as bold or a subtle as you like – decorating with art will always win in helping to make a room feel fully finished and more personal. A favorite artwork can be a classic starting point for a bedroom scheme. Make this your color cue – experiment with the colors used, select two or three, then take it from there.

As well as beautiful artworks, accessories such as houseplants, decorative ornaments, books and magazines can work wonderfully to bring a sense of personality to a bedroom.

10. Have confidence when it comes to color

A bedroom color idea with red walls, white ceilings and a yellow velvet stool

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Getting the color right in a bedroom can be a tricky business. Even with all their experience, it can take time for professionals to make a decision. There is a lot to consider – the size and shape of the space, the available natural light and its direction, who it is for, etc. 

However, many of us are becoming more confident with color trends in our spaces, moving away from simple, neutral palettes in favor of shades with more depth and personality. For 2024 bedroom trends, embrace shades that bring you joy and work in effortless harmony with your personal style. 

Emma Deterding, founder and creative director of Kelling Designs says, 'where previously muted, neutral bedrooms have been popular, we are now seeing a huge move away from minimalist bedroom schemes, with clients being more daring with design choices. From statement wallpaper and creative wall finishes, such as polished plaster, through to bold and colorful fabrics and bed linen, clients want to inject personality into their homes, and this is no different in the bedroom.'

11. Put bedroom lighting at the forefront

Coastal bedroom

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

For bedroom lighting ideas, different levels and types of lighting are key to switching the mood from practical – getting ready for work, say – to soothing and relaxing – when reading before going to sleep, for example. 

Lighting is also something that needs to be considered when choosing colors – the right lighting can transform a room from cold to warm in an instant.

Sarah Barker from Vanrenen GW Designs thinks about functionality as well as aesthetics when selecting the right lighting for a bedroom. ‘Lighting needs to be low and atmospheric but it is important to be able to read. I am not so keen on overhead lights in bedrooms so we often use small wall lights next to the bed for additional attractive light.’

When exploring bedroom lighting trends for this year, remember, a mix of layered lighting will always create a successful lighting scheme.

12. Bring the outside in

best green paints, green bedroom with mahogany nightstand, pendant light, blind, rust blanket, taupe headboard, small bedroom

(Image credit: DMAR Interiors / Molly Rose)

The natural world will always be a timeless influence on interior design, with green bedroom ideas remaining one of the most popular choices for homes of all ages and styles.

For a beautiful, indoor-outdoor natural bedroom scheme, complement shades of green with warming wood tones, and other natural materials such as wool and stone, or bring in beautiful floral and botanical motifs – and plenty of houseplants and flowers.

Interior designer, Peak Petersen, design principal at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer supports this and says, 'earth tones will reign supreme in 2024, especially for bedroom trends. Soft greens, such as Farrow & Ball - Card Room Green, are perfect for a bedroom.'

Peak Petersen
Peak Petersen

Peak Petersen is an interior design principal at Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, and interior design and architecture studio based in Seattle, WA. Peak is an experienced interior designer with a demonstrated history of working in the residential interiors industry.


What is the new bedroom color trend for 2024?

Color Expert at Farrow & Ball, Joa Studholme says, 'we have moved towards the warmer tones of nature, like deep reddish browns and terracotta, which are strong and subdued but achingly fashionable. Incredibly chic by day and cozy by night, they bring a grounded but luxurious atmosphere in a bedroom that is thought-provoking as well as soothing, particularly when paired with other hues found in the natural world.

'We crave warm tones that will enrich our homes and create cozy sanctuaries away from the outside world. Luxurious colors like red can be added to the most neutral of palettes by using them in the rooms we use at the end of the day, when we most want to relax and be comforted.'

Natasha Bradley, Lick Home's director of interior design and color psychologist also says, 'we have seen a huge trend in colors that make your bedroom a calm and comforting space that you can come to after the working day. As more people look to finding a balance between work and home life. These restful colors include both blue and green, and will work with a larger palette of colors influenced by the beauty of the natural world.'

Image of Joa Studholme
Joa Studholme

As Farrow & Ball's Color Curator and author of titles including Recipes for Decorating and How to Decorate, it’s no surprise that Joa Studholme knows Farrow & Ball's palette and finishes inside and out. Joa has been with the brand or over 25 years – in that time, she’s developed color ranges and consulted on design projects all over the world, as well as helping countless color consultancy customers to transform their homes.

tash bradley from lick paints
Tash Bradley

Tash is trained in color psychology and theory, she helps people around the world bring their dream decorating projects to life and utilize color to impact personal spaces, as well as overall lifestyle and wellness. Tash leverages her expertise in color psychology and theory, as well as interior design, to lead Lick’s design studio and curate the brand’s global paint and wallpaper offerings. To date, she has led 2,500+ color consultations for Lick clients, providing customers the confidence they need to create a home they’ll love.

What is the latest bedroom trend in bedding?

As we look to make more sustainable and long-lasting choices and create comfortable environments that can provide us with a good night's sleep, more of us are beginning to invest in quality luxury bedding for our homes. 

We spend so much time in our beds – nearly half of are lives – so it is crucial to invest in the right bedding, ensuring that your body is supported and comfortable and you feel fully relaxed and cozy.

'There’s definitely a move towards relaxed bedding and comfy sheets,' says Gemma Gordon Duff from Gordon Duff & Linton. 'Linen, organic bedding and chunky wool throws are hugely popular right now and add to that feeling of sanctuary.'

Is gray still in style for bedrooms in 2024?

Gray bedroom ideas are still incredibly popular, but as we spend more and more time in our home, we have started experimenting with warmer neutrals, especially in the bedroom.

According to designer Tiffany Duggan, gray has very much been and gone, 'we love color and a fully gray palette has never really been our thing. We do love neutrals too but err towards warmer colors such as soft buttery whites, bones and plaster hued nudes. I think gray based greens and blues are lovely and a perfect foil to brighter more impactful patterns and colors but the cool, commercial grays of the last decade do seem to be fading in popularity.'

On the other hand, 'decorating with gray will always be in style because there are so many easy gray tones to work with,' says Natasha Bradley from Lick. 'They allow you a base shade that you can then bring other shades such as greens and blues in too. 

Choosing the right grays for your home is really important as you can end up falling into a trap where the gray hue you have chosen ends up making your home feel dull and lifeless. When in reality the right shade of gray can make a space feel warm and sophisticated. Choosing a gray hue with a warm undertone of soft green can bring character and color into your home.'

We explore, is gray still on trend, in a separate piece.

If you've been inspired by these bedroom trends but want to ensure that you incorporate them in the right way to create a truly enduring design, we explore how to create a timeless bedroom in our dedicated feature.

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