Chocolate brown is set to be the dominant interior color trend for 2024, according to this paint brand's predictions

It's all about warm tones for 2024

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The start of the new year is when interior experts predict which trends will lead over the coming months. Color trends form a key part of this, with paint companies analyzing the colors that are rising in popularity, and are therefore expected to dominate in interior projects throughout 2024. 

Clare, the New York-based paint company that was founded by interior designer Nicole Gibbons, has set out its color predictions for 2024, defining three key color trends to be aware of. Having gathered trend data from 2023, the paint company revealed that consumers are swapping pared-back neutrals for more rich and warm color trends, with decorating with brown being a standout. 

'At Clare we take a data-driven approach to analyzing and predicting color trends, analyzing year-over-year changes in sales volume as well as looking at customer behavior data such as website page views, swatch sales, social media engagement, and customer feedback to inform shifts in color trends and popularity,' explains Nicole Gibbons, Founder and CEO at Clare.

1. Brown

brown bedroom

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From light brown to darker variations of this warm color, in recent months we've seen brown widely embraced in home decor ideas. It's even been described as a new way of decorating with neutrals, with homeowners opting for this deep and warm color in place of pared-back creams or whites. Clare predicts this color will continue as a leading paint trend this year. 

'Looking back at our 2023 sales, one of the most noticeable trends we saw was a sharp uptick in sales of brown paint colors which grew by nearly 100% year-over-year,' says Nicole. 'These colors are not just popular; they are revolutionizing the way we think about interior spaces, bringing a sense of warmth and earthiness that has been long overlooked.'

'Styling a room with shades of brown is a wonderful way to bring more depth and interest to a neutral palette. Paint colors like Coffee Date or Dirty Chai would pair beautifully with off-whites and beiges like Timeless and Like Buttah. They also pair beautifully with greens for a nature-inspired look and even soft warm pinks like Wing It or Meet Cute for a more feminine feel.'

You can style browns in many ways, whether you want to create a soft and earthy scheme or something more sophisticated, as Nicole explains: 'In terms of textures, brown paint colors pair beautifully with natural wood tones for a relaxed and organic feel. And for a more rich and sophisticated vibe, try pairing shades of brown with more luxurious textiles like velvets or satins. A rich brown is a great choice of color to envelop a bedroom in all-over colors for a cozy, color-drenched, and cocoon-like feel. It’s also a great choice painted on kitchen cabinetry or library bookshelves to bring a sense of depth and sophistication.'

2. Warm whites

white bedroom

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In 2024, decorating with white paint is all about opting for warm variations of this classic hue. We've seen in recent months a clear shift away from whites that are cool-toned, in favor instead of warm whites that help create a relaxed and soft feel.  

'No matter how popular colors become, we cannot overlook the enduring appeal of white paint, especially Clare's bestseller Whipped,' explains Nicole. 'When it comes to shades of white, warmer tones are always more versatile and inviting since cooler-toned white can sometimes make a room feel cold or stark.' Speaking of Whipped, she explains: 'This soft, warm white has been a consistent favorite across the United States. Its versatility and the perfect balance of warmth make it an ideal choice for any space, marrying well with both vibrant and subdued palettes. It’s also extremely versatile so if someone is looking for a no-fail, foolproof white that works in any room, Whipped is an excellent choice that you can’t go wrong with.'

3. Dark and moody shades

dark blue bedroom

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The third prominent color trend for 2024 is a move away from neutrals, focusing on rich, deep hues that represent more adventurous color schemes. Dopamine decor became a popular interior design trend in 2023, and these personality-led, vibrant schemes are set to go even bigger this year, so it's no surprise to see statement colors on the rise. 

'While neutrals continue to reign supreme, we’re seeing our customers becoming a lot more adventurous when it comes to color, opting for darker, moodier shades with a lot of personality,' explains Nicole. 'Outside of the rich browns, shades like Current Mood, a deep green, Goodnight Moon, a midnight navy, and Deep Dive, a rich ocean-inspired blue-green are among our top-selling darker colors.'

While you may think of these statement hues as daunting, there are lots of ways to introduce them into your home, depending on how dramatic you want the end look to be, as Nicole suggests: 'The right color can be surprisingly versatile, taking cues from nature while also being versatile enough to pair with various other colors. For a non-committal approach to bold colors, you can start with a neutral foundation and use deeper colors as accents. Think shades of white, gray, and beige as your main color with a bold accent wall, or adding a bold color to a piece of furniture.'

'If you’re more adventurous with color, I’m a fan of opting for a deep, statement color as your foundation. Mix up your accents, incorporating a neutral shade or two to keep it easy on the eye and bringing in pops of color through accents. In general, bold colors tend to feel more editorial and style-forward so when executed well they can make your space look much more sophisticated and refined so don’t be afraid to step outside of the color comfort zone.'

Looking for more color inspiration for your January home decor projects? We've rounded up the top bedroom color trends for 2024 to give you some more expert-approved ideas. 

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