These celebrities all have one thing in common – and it involves this particular cooking appliance

This Gordon Ramsey-approved cookware is a staple in his Michelin Star restaurant – and in Los Angeles' chicest homes

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It's hard to disagree with Gordon Ramsey, especially when it comes to cookware recommendations. And it would seem that Los Angeles' most famous figures are equally willing to follow his lead. 

The Michelin Star restaurant owner and Hell's Kitchen star has built a reputation as one of the most influential chefs of our time – so of course, when he reveals his favorite appliances, we rush to take note. Topping his favorites list is the HexClad – a non-stick frying pan that Gordon says 'cooks to utter perfection.'

The chef praised HexClad for its distinct design and patented hybrid that caught his attention when he discovered them in the US in 2020. Since then, this pan has appeared in the kitchens of the most-talked-about celebrities – from Hailey and Justin Bieber to Kylie Jenner and Halle Berry. 

HexClad 8 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan | $139.99 on Amazon

HexClad 8 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan | $139.99 on Amazon

HexClad's hybrid technology produces a premium stainless steel and non-stick product that is a favorite among celebrities. And it's easy to see why.

The pan is distinctive (with its laser-etched hexagon pattern) and high-performing due to the series of peaks and valleys it creates. The non-stick surface means you can cook with less butter, grease, or oil (if you're looking for a healthier alternative to your favorite recipes). It also makes cleaning up quick and easy.

Gordon Ramsey uses this pan in his kitchen at home, in his three Michelin Star restaurant, and at his Academy. 'It's highly versatile and cooks to utter perfection,' the chef says. But how do celebrities use the pan in question? 

1. Cameron Diaz

Sharing an insight into her home on Instagram, Cameron Diaz shared a simple ramen recipe using random ingredients from your refrigerator. The Mask actress mixed fresh carrots, celery, shiitake mushrooms, and broccoli with noodles in her HexClad – showcasing its nonstick abilities on her large stove. 

'I call this: Whatever-you-got Ramen,' Cameron says. 'One of my favorite quick go-to meals where I take your classic instant ramen packet and dress it up a bit with whatever vegetables I happen to have in my fridge!' The actress used whatever she had at the time, but she urges you to use 'whatever fits your flavor profile, and enjoy.'

2. Halle Berry

Catwoman actress Halle Berry took to Instagram to share a recipe of her own – Keto Bourbon Chicken – which she made virtually alongside chef Maria Emmerich. 

The footage shows Halle's modern kitchen in all its beauty – from her matte brown cabinets to her sleek cabinets. Stealing our attention, however, is Halle's HexClad, which she uses to cook her chicken and mix the ingredients together. And, of course, the result has sparked a newfound craving for bourbon chicken. 

3. Hailey Bieber

We may have already penned a love letter to Hailey Bieber's kitchen – and the appliances she uses – but her HexClad deserves a moment of its own. 

In the footage, the model demonstrates how to make chocolate protein pancakes that, she suggests, are perfect for relaxing Sunday mornings, when you have more time to enjoy breakfast. 'Yes, we actually are in my real kitchen, in my real house; this is not a set,' Hailey says – shortly before pouring the pancake mixture into the non-stick pan. 

We're counting down the seconds until our next leisurely breakfast – and with Pancake Day around the corner, there is no better time to invest. 

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