Gordon Ramsay uses this exact pan in his home – and he says it 'cooks to utter perfection'

The Hell's Kitchen star uses these pans in his kitchen and his Michelin Star restaurant – here's why you'll love it too

Gordon Ramsay's pan
(Image credit: HexClad)

Chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay is an unrivaled force in the culinary world – so, naturally, when he recommends a utensil, we listen. 

The Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares star has an ever-expanding empire across the US – with restaurants in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Lake Tahoe, and Kansas City, and more Michelin-starred venues worldwide. With a portfolio as prestigious as his, it is no surprise that Gordon Ramsay uses one of the best nonstick frying pans on the market – but which one? 

The pan in question is the HexClad (opens in new tab), a distinctly patterned, nonstick product that, Gordon says, 'cooks to utter perfection. 

Gordon Ramsay's pan

(Image credit: HexClad)

'HexClad's unique look and design, and its patented hybrid technology, caught my eye when I discovered them in the States in 2020,' Gordon says. 'I use the pans at home, in my 3 Michelin Star restaurant, and at my cooking Academy. The combination of stainless steel and non-stick functionality is amazing. It's highly versatile and cooks to utter perfection.'

Whether you're cooking up your favorite egg recipes, spring green recipes, or simply pasta or noodles, the pan promises a restaurant-quality performance that also looks beautiful in your kitchen. 'I'm excited to partner with the HexClad team as we expand the line of beautiful, high-quality products, the celebrity chef adds. 

HexClad 8 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan (opens in new tab)

HexClad 8 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan (opens in new tab) – $89.99 on Amazon

HexClad's hybrid technology produces a premium stainless steel and non-stick product that is entirely Gordon Ramsey-approved. And it's easy to see why.

The pan is distinctive (with its laser-etched hexagon pattern) and high-performing due to the series of peaks and valleys it creates. The peaks are stainless steel, which gives you an unmistakable golden-brown sear and protects the pan against peeling and flaking. 

Its non-stick surface is also great for a quick clean-up, and it allows you to cook with less butter, grease, or oil if you're looking for a healthier alternative to your favorite recipes.

The HexClad (opens in new tab) is set to appear on Gordon’s newest show, Next Level Chef, and in his new cookbook, Ramsay in 10 (opens in new tab), where you can find ways to use his pan in your own kitchen. You can also expect to see the pan at his new cooking academy in London and on his social media. 

Ramsay in 10 (opens in new tab)

Ramsay in 10 (opens in new tab) – $21.49 on Amazon

In Ramsay in 10, Gordon Ramsay shares 100 tasty new recipes that are inspired by his YouTube series, watched by millions across. The chef challenges you to get creative in the kitchen and learn how to cook flavorsome dishes in only ten minutes.

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