Chef Thomas Keller uses these pans in his Michelin-star kitchen – and they are on sale now

Designed to stand the rigors of a Michelin-star kitchen line, this is why you will love these world-class pans in your home

Thomas Keller
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When a world-class such as chef Chef Thomas Keller comes out with a cookware set, you know we have to take a look. After all, if it is good enough for Michelin-star kitchens it is more than good enough for our home kitchens. 

With eight restaurants to his name, it is unsurprising that the American chef chooses only the finest kitchenware for his cooks and line chefs. From the best non-stick frying pans to first-rate stainless steel sauciers, Keller partnered with Hestan Culinary to produce the best pans for the job. 

The best news is that the pans in question, the Thomas Keller Hestan Insignia pans, are now on sale on Amazon

You can also shop the whole Thomas Keller cookware collection on Amazon.

We are shopping Thomas Keller's cookbooks as gifts (and self-gifts) on Amazon too. 

Hestan Insignia Set, 11 piece Stainless Steel – was $1,299.95, now $878.28 on Amazon

Hestan Insignia Set, 11 piece Stainless Steelwas $1,299.95, now $878.28 on Amazon

This 11-piece-set features a 1.5-quart sauce pot, 3-quart sauce pot, 4-quart sauce pot, 8.5-inch TITUM nonstick sauté pan, 11-inch sauté pan, 12.5-inch sauté pan, 8-quart stockpot, 2-quart saucier, 6-quart rondeau, 8.5-inch universal lid, and 12.5-inch universal lid – all of which are crafted from the highest quality non-stick stainless steel.

It is no wonder that the Italian-crafted cookware set is favored in the chef's top kitchens, made from tri-ply clad stainless steel with ProCore aluminum core for optimum culinary performance.

With specialized pans such as the saucier and rondeau, the collection takes even the most basic of kitchen ideas one step closer to the professional setting. Designed with chefs in mind such as the thoughtfully shaped seamless handles to prevent trapping food and easy cleaning, rolled edges to allow for perfect pouring, and heat vents to keep the handles cool to the touch. 

The stainless steel metal, hand-crafted in Italy, speaks to the pan's revolutionary engineering and supposedly provides users with the perfect heat conductivity and increased response to temperature changes compared to traditional stainless steel pans. 

If the entire pan set is not quite for you, then individual pans are also available on Amazon, many of which are also on sale so that you can mix and match your kitchenware and create the perfect cooking setup for you. 

After picking up some of these, you may also want to consider organizing your pots and pans to get your kitchen in Michelin-shape too. 

Source: Hestan Culinary

Do chefs prefer stainless steel pans?

Many chefs and professional cooks prefer stainless steel pans as they are almost indestructible in a busy kitchen where the pans are used day-in-day-out. Stainless steel material is often the best option for equal heat distribution too when used properly, allowing for the best and more reliable results every time.

Are stainless steel pans best?

A stainless steel pan is often the best option if you are looking for pans to withstand a lot of use or over high heat, particularly on gas cookers. A high-quality stainless steel pan that has been looked after will often also maintain some aspect of non-stick quality to them too, although if want a guaranteed non-stick experience then a dedicated non-stick pan may be better for you. 

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