Drew Barrymore uses her bedroom closet for a totally unexpected activity that has nothing to do with clothes

The actress shared a glimpse of her walk-in closet with the world – and we never expected what is really hiding behind these closed doors

Drew Barrymore
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We'll be the first to admit it: we're a tiny bit guilty of using our closets for things other than clothes. We're talking about those hard-to-home miscellaneous items – whether that's paper-filled shoeboxes, chargers, or one of our 10,000 tote bags that we keep a hold of, just because. And it would seem Drew Barrymore is the same, only she's cleared her closet for something much more unexpected. 

Drew, known for her eponymous talk show, recently shared her walk-in closet with the world (via New York magazine), but instead of using it for storage, Drew has turned the space into a meditation room

The compact space, described as a 'room of revelations', is covered in blue and pink-flamingo wallpaper – but it's hard to see this maximalist print for all her sticky notes that fill the entire space. Notable affirmations, according to the post, include comments like 'Today is the day you start trusting yourself, spiritual superhero'.

'This is all the stuff I work on with Barry,' Drew, who authored Rebel Homemaker, says. 'So many of the cards are about the shadow.' According to New York magazine, the shadow is a manifestation of 'everything we don't want to be but fear we are'.

'I'm still very much in survival, persevere, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other mode. And the shadow is supposed to be there to help you fall back on the things you haven't dealt with yet,' Drew comments. 'And I still don't understand my own childhood, maybe.'

We haven't ever seen anything quite like Drew's closet – and we can't help but wonder exactly where she stores her clothes in her New York apartment. However, while we were initially surprised to see this closet-turned-meditation room – Drew's focus on wellness – and improving mental wellness at home – is something that is increasingly common this 2023. 

And, while we can't all divert our clothes storage areas to recreate this Drew-inspired space, we can still take steps to make the rest of our homes more meditation-friendly. But where should we begin? Clinical Psychologist Dr. Brenda Wade says we should take time to discover which part of the home makes us feel most at ease as a starting point.

'You must first select the ideal location for your self-care area. It should be a place with no other distractions,' Dr. Wade says. 

'As there are no holy locations separate from the children in a family household, it is obvious that this is not always simple. However, you may choose a peaceful place, like your bedroom, and make sure your children know you are using this time for self-care.' 

The most tranquil area is likely our bedroom; however, it may also be a spare room or an outdoor area, if the weather allows.

Dr. Brenda Wade
Dr. Brenda Wade

San Francisco-based Dr. Brenda Wade is a globally-renowned relationship psychologist, a relationship expert and chapter chair of the Women's President Organization. She takes a holistic approach to training in the art of relationships, both business and personal and also delivers intersectional training and presentations regarding worldwide issues. 

After finding the best spot for meditation, Dr.Wade recommends introducing indoor plants that will make the space feel more therapeutic. 

'We frequently discuss how nature may significantly influence our health and
wellness. Decorating your self-care area with indoor plants is one method
to let these advantages seep into your house,' she says. 

'Houseplants have been connected to several advantages, including enhancing creativity, lowering stress, enhancing mood, reducing fatigue, and more. They also provide a touch of color and vitality to your home.'

Can't create a meditation closet? We're following these tips to recreate the next best thing.

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