Gisele Bündchen's living room teaches us how to add personality to an all-white space

The open-plan area is (almost) as stylish as the supermodel – and we can learn a lot from how she injects individuality into her space

Gisele Bündchen
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You would be forgiven for believing that the most enviable room in Gisele Bündchen's home is her closet (she is a supermodel, after all) – but her pure-white living room offers close competition. 

What the open-plan space lacks in designer labels, it makes up for in its neutral color scheme, fashionable furniture, and subtle (yet impactful) pockets of personal accessories that showcase her personality without sacrificing style. 

The Brazilian-born model (who is famously one of the highest-paid models in the world) shared a look inside the white living room (below) while practicing a dance prior to a carnival. The bright space is almost color-drenched in white – from the paint to the sofa and rug – but despite its minimalism, Gisele has found an opportunity to showcase items that represent her

Firstly, Gisele has mastered coffee table styling with a selection of books scattered across the translucent surface. The books surround a white tray that houses smaller accessories, though the contents remain unclear. 

Behind the table, the supermodel has dressed her white sideboard with three photo frames, likely containing images of her closest friends and family (including her two children, Benjamin and Vivian Lake Brady). 

When it comes to creating a meaningful home, there is no easier way than incorporating personal mementos and homewares (whether through heirlooms, souvenirs from your travels, or photographs, much like Gisele's). When placed strategically, these items accentuate even the most minimal of spaces – and design experts agree. 

Gisele Bündchen

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The owner of String, Peter Erlandsson, urges you to style personal objects on your shelves to create a mosaic of colorful references to your life – and create a happy home that is instantly associable with you

Peter Erlandsson
Peter Erlandsson

Peter Erlandsson is the co-owner and director of String Furniture – the Scandi-cool storage company hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. In 2020, String Furniture was awarded Furniture Supplier of the Year, but the basis of String's designs has shaped storage habits since 1949. In 1952, String shelves (now String Furniture) were ordered to decorate the newly built UN headquarters in New York City. 

'Styling these objects on a simple shelf can be beautiful and decorative. Treat your shelf like a canvas and create a work of art on top of it with artfully styled clutter,' Peter adds. He adds that personal artifacts contribute to an ever-changing 'artwork' that reminds you of the people and places you care about the most. 

Personal accessories aside, you can replicate Gisele Bündchen's living room with these picks below.

We're bringing books, photos and souvenirs out of hiding, in the name of Gisele Bündchen.

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