In the July issue of Homes & Gardens…

Join us and discover the future of design!

Summer has finally arrived!

The packed July issue of Homes & Gardens is all about celebrating creativity, taking inspiration from some of the most creative minds in the world. In times of struggle, great ideas are often born, so we have decided to look at innovations from some of our very favourite thought leaders that might impact your home and garden. All of the houses in the issue are owned by some brilliant people, from an Oscar-winning actress – yes, that’s Anne Hathaway’s holiday home you can see on the cover – to leading UK interior designer Elnaz Namaki. We have also asked people like Jonathan Adler and Sophie Coller of Kitesgrove to guide us through their outdoor spaces – you’ll be brimming with ideas after this.

That feeling of creativity really comes alive in our decorating story, a look at schemes put together by the interior designer of the moment Athena Calderone, and in our look at what the rewilding movement can mean for you. Talking to mavericks like Isabella Tree, who has rewilded acres of farmland, about what the residential gardener can do to their own space will truly have you looking at your lawn in a very different way. Each page fizzes with high summer spirit, and is full of inspiration.


Homes & Gardens July 2020

    • Dream room: A brilliantly soothing and uplifting living room created by the designer Robert Stillin
    • Gardens: From garden offices to enchanting tree houses, a guide to bespoke structures for your outdoor space
    • Movers & Shakers: An interesting profile of the designer James Waterworth, founder of Thurstan Interior Design Studio
    • Design ideas: A portfolio of thoroughly modern dressing rooms



I hope you’ve been keeping well and have adjusted successfully to the new normal – this has truly been a time we’ve all had to embrace our creativity, hasn’t it?

Here at Homes & Gardens we’ve been thinking a little differently, going virtual to produce this issue, talking to each other via internet connections and watching as our colleagues across the industry find ways to adapt. Out of the difficulty, some amazing ideas have been born and it illustrates the positives that can happen when we’re forced to use the inventive parts of our minds. That is something that comes more naturally to some than others, so to inspire us all we decided to focus this month on homes that belong to brilliant creatives.

The actress Anne Hathaway’s holiday cabin on page 24 fills me with enthusiasm for her textures and colours, while the designer Elnaz Namaki’s apartment on page 82, with its many storage solutions, is a masterful use of space. Elsewhere, we speak to designers, including Jonathan Adler and Sophie Coller from Kitesgrove, about their outdoor spaces on page 62, and I’m taken with agricultural expert Isabella Tree’s assertion on page 56 that we should ‘learn not to be in control; we’ve got to relax and let go’. She’s talking about how we should turn parts of our gardens over to rewilding, but it sounds like more than a lesson for planting – it’s a lesson for life, too

Pip McCormac, Acting Editorial Director