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Spring is finally emerging, and we can feel the collective mood lift as the sunshine warms our bodies and our homes once again. This longed-for boost of warmth and light make spring the perfect time for celebration. This is the time when your house comes into its own – whether it’s a special lunch for a few close friends or a full-blown family gathering.

For our April 2020 issue we’re offering up all our expertise and seasonal enthusiasm to help ensure your home is the best it can be this season – recipes for delicious shared lunches or suppers, ideas for charming table settings, inspiration for decoration and design, and a wealth of the best shopping suggestions covering everything from cane to ceramic tiles. If you’re new to Homes & Gardens, you’ll soon realize we’re a one-stop resource for the modern, stylish home – keeping you up to speed with the talented individuals that power the trends, as well as dissecting the details and finishing touches that make your home, and its contents, special.


    • Shopping: put your feet up and explore our line-up of footstool ideas, or invest in a new showstopper table that is sure to impress your guests and add some drama to your dining
    • My Garden Life: we visit the famed garden at Great Dixter to get to know gardener and cook Aaron Bertelsen.
    • Decoration: one of our most delightful shoots ever, our forecast takes a weather theme as we take a playful look at the new season’s fabrics



I’ve just returned from Paris Déco Off, the annual fair where all the big fabric houses show their latest collections around the Left Bank, and I still have a spring in my step. Not just because the French capital always makes me feel alive with possibilities, but because of the vibrancy, colour and joy that unfurled across cloth, wallpaper, murals and rugs. Everyone seems to be going big – on colour, texture and scale – capturing a collective mood of jubilance. We’ve taken this gleeful approach to our whimsical weather-inspired decorating shoot on page 47, featuring a perfect storm of riotous pattern. Trust me when I say that the outlook is bright.

This sensibility pops up throughout the issue, where a look at new-season products and ideas can’t help but raise a smile. There’s a jauntiness in the sculptural side tables on page 65, a braveness to the statement floors on page 143 and a light, airy feel to all the homes we’ve selected. April, for me, is the true start of the year, when our moods lift with the sunshine and longer days fill us with verve.

Some of my colleagues have poured this spirit into Green Living Made Easy, a new magazine available from newsagents now. It’s full of ideas on how we can all make better choices for the environment and it’s printed on ecologically sound paper and well worth seeking out – a positive start to spring.

Pip McCormac, Acting Editorial Director