Celebrity interior designer Jake Arnold reveals his secrets for styling the perfect living room

The Los Angeles-based expert’s clients include Chrissy Teigen, Rashida Jones, Dan Levy, and Aaron Paul

Living room - Jake Arnold's living room styling tips
(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

You don't have to be an A-lister to bring a bit of bespoke celebrity style to your own home. Jake Arnold, an accomplished interior designer with over a decade of experience and who has collaborated with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, has shared exclusively with Homes & Gardens a few ways to turn your living room into the space of your dreams. 

For DIY decorators who have just moved into a new home and are completely starting from scratch, Jake highlights the five most important steps to take below.

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Jake (left) also talked to us about his new project, created specifically to connect renovators with designers who can provide extra special and personalized advice.  

'I have the perfect solution for people who might be timid to do some decorating themselves – The Expert,' Jake tells H&G. 'My dear friend, entrepreneur Leo Seigal and I just launched an all virtual platform where you book one on one time with an incredible array of 75+ designers in the US and abroad for design advice. Sessions are booked in 55 minute increments and it's incredible how much we can cover in that amount of time.'

Some of the designers who have signed on include Bobby Berk, Martin Brudnizki, Brigette Romaneck, Joy Moyler, Jamie Bush, Paloma Contrearas, Maison Trouvaille, and of course Jake Arnold himself.

1. Center furniture over a rug

Living room - Jake Arnold's living room styling tips

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

First, he encourages his clients to put all of the furniture on a rug. This strategic placement gives the furniture a solid foundation and aids in making the room feel cozier and more inviting. 

2. Commit to a single focal point

Living room - Jake Arnold's living room styling tips

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

Next, Jake stresses the importance of choosing a focal point for the room and then 'committing' to it. Features like televisions, fireplaces, and bookshelves can all affect and change the way and a room flows and it’s important to take them into consideration. 

3. Make lighting – all lighting – dimmable

Next, he implores people to add dimmers to 'EVERY. SINGLE. LIGHT.' Dimmers are an easy, no-brainer way to change the ambiance of the space and imbue a bit of warmth and relaxation during the evening hours. 

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4. Introduce two seating areas for luxe appeal

Living room - Jake Arnold's living room styling tips

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

People don't have to sacrifice a luxe, unique space for the sake of creating a room that is warm and inviting – Jake has explained how decorators can curate a beautiful space that is both chic and cozy. The UK native explains, 'If you have ample space, create a unique furniture layout; introduce two seating areas, which feel more intimate.'

5. Connect to all the senses with a living room design

Living room - Jake Arnold's living room styling tips

(Image credit: Jake Arnold)

He continues, 'Instead of having too many pillows on your sofa, layer on more textiles and plush throws. I am all about creating an environment through sight, smell, touch, and a space that feels really liveable. Make sure all lighting is on dimmers, light a fire and your favorite candle.'

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6. Think: organic colors and textures

Indulging more in color is a big trend for the year ahead, predicts Jake.

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'Color will be used in more thoughtful, organic ways that still feel subdued and liveable. I see the use of colored plasters, linens, and mohairs in textiles and wall finishes continuing. I use plasters in most of my projects (I love Portola Paint's plasters); they bring in an immediate, incredible warmth to a space.'

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