Marie Kondo lives by this closet rule – to stay organized through all seasons

Marie Kondo's closet tip for resetting your closet habits in the New Year is refreshingly simple

Marie Kondo
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From the kitchen to the bedroom, Marie Kondo’s tidying techniques have revolutionized cleaning habits worldwide. However, her latest tip has addressed one of the most notorious spaces to keep tidy: the closet. 

A Japanese-born tidying master, Marie Kondo gained global prestige after her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Since then, she has shared her storage ideas with the world through her Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

Speaking exclusively to Homes & Gardens, Marie Kondo revealed that when it comes to keeping your closet organization ideas tidy she has a special order she relies on in her own home.  

Marie Kondo

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Hang in length order

‘When it comes to your wardrobe or closet, there are many different techniques you can do to keep it well organized,’ the expert says.

In her own closet, Marie groups items according to their category and stores items according to their length.

‘Put your longest or dark items on the left and then work your way to the shorter or light-colored items on the right,’ she explains. ‘This will help keep your clothes organized throughout the different seasons.’

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On Instagram, Marie expanded that her hanging rule not only looks good but makes you feel good too.

‘Arrange your clothes so that they rise to the right. Lines that slope upward is said to make people feel more at peace. I think they also make your clothes look more stimulating,’ she explains.

Marie Kondo also recommends hanging heavy items on the left side and light items on the right. This will provoke the same joy when you open your closet – and ensure your space feels organized.

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Categorize items on open shelves

If you don't have a lot of hanging space, Marie adds that there are still ways you can sprinkle some tidy-ing magic over them. ‘Using boxes can help keep items categorized and tidy,' she says in a post.

Marie Kondo is a self-proclaimed box fanatic, keeping boxes of all shapes and sizes to store things in. She frequently demonstrates how boxes and baskets are a great way to keep bedroom and hallway storage ideas in order.

Start 2022 on the right note with a Marie-Kondo-approved closet.

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