Marie Kondo reveals her favorite room to organize – and her secret to staying motivated in challenging spaces

Even the queen of organization has her favorite spaces to clean – here she shares her secrets with H&G

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Rise and shine, Marie Kondo enthusiasts. Today, the master of organization launches her series Sparking Joy on Netflix – and we’re inevitably very excited. 

Though, while we’re poised to steal living room storage ideas from Marie’s new series, we can’t hide that we’re still reminiscing over our recent chat with Ms. Kondo herself. 

In an exclusive interview with Homes & Gardens, Marie offered a glimpse into the individual behind her global organization empire – including her favorite room to clean – and how to stay focused in spaces that provoke less enthusiasm. Here, Marie reveals all. 

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‘I love to organize any room in the house, but right now, I especially enjoy organizing my children’s play area together with my kids,’ Marie says.

‘We just welcomed our third child into our family, so it’s been very busy, but I always enjoy playing and tidying time with my girls, who are now really good at folding.’ 

Marie’s playroom ideas will bring a sense of serenity to the most fun-filled area of your home – but even the tidying extraordinaire has days and where her motivation runs low. Most recently, the birth of her baby boy brings challenges when cleaning other areas of her home. 

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‘Everything is new and challenging right now. I try to see the lightness of the situation and focus on the things that bring me joy, like watching him grow every day and seeing him learn about the world and his surroundings,’ she reveals.

While Marie confesses that taking care of a newborn comes with its challenges, she remains motivated by maintaining a positive mindset when tidying. She remains motivated by being thankful for the time she has to tidy – and the moments she shares with her children. 

'Taking care of a newborn can be challenging, especially when trying to find the time to tidy. But I’ve learned to be kind to myself and enjoy the moments I do have when I’m able to tidy, especially when I can do it together with my kids,' Marie says.

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From Marie’s sought-after small kitchen ideas to her secret to staying motivated, we welcome any advice from this celebrated guru. But for now, Sparking Joy is the only solution to our post-interview blues. Happy viewing everybody.

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